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8.13 Everybody Hates Hitler: Knowledge Is Power, Isn't It

Claim inheritance,
Hunt down secret enemies;
Take charge of your life.

Commentary And Meta Analysis

This episode was pure delight from beginning to end: a signature Ben Edlund blending of humor and horror beautifully realized by the cast, director Phil Sgriccia, and every single creative production department. The headquarters bunker set of the Men of Letters was nothing short of amazing, and I can't wait to see more of it and learn about the resources it provides.

I don't have a lot of things to say about this episode in terms of meta, so this discussion is going to be very short by my standards. I'm going to look at the season's continuing theme of taking responsibility, speculate about secret societies, and enjoy the brothers' reactions to their inheritance.

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I know this is just the calm before the storm, but I can't help being cheered by the resources the Letters' bunker provides the Winchesters. Eckhart was right: knowledge is power, and with the Letters' library combined with Kevin's work on the demon tablet, the Winchesters have access to an unprecedented quantity and quality of organized knowledge: a veritable arsenal of power.

What they do with it and what it will cost them remains to be seen.

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6.20 The Man Who Would Be King: Freedom Is A Length Of Rope

Sam, Dean, saving Earth:
Castiel's good intentions
Pave his road to Hell.


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6.09 Clap Your Hands If You Believe …: The Truth Is In There
New Age masquerade:
Fairies pose as aliens,
Stealing first-born sons. 
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And may you all have a truly happy Thanksgiving! I'll be spending mine with friends in my adopted local family; may you all be as blessed. One of the things I will definitely be giving thanks for is having Supernatural, and all my online friends around the world whom I've met because of this show; you all enrich my life, and I thank you for that. Be well, and be happy!

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6.03 The Third Man: Whoever Has The Weapons Wins The War
Heaven’s civil war
Sets lost weapons loose on Earth;
Angels deal in souls. 
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5.20 The Devil You Know: You Want The Horseman Rings, Or Not?
Crowley offers help
Finding Horsemen and their rings;
What will be the price? 
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Sorry this is so late:  I didn't finish before I had to leave on vacation, so I've been stealing moments in the morning and evening. I have my fingers crossed my hotel will get the CW, or I'm going to go nuts tonight ...

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5.14 My Bloody Valentine: Where Is Your Hunger?
Famine’s hunger kills:
Overdose on what you crave,
Or be dead inside. 
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And yes, I'm celebrating the news of the season six renewal!  And if you haven't seen this yet, please by all means drop in on part one of the lovely interview the ladies of Fangasm have up with Director of Photography Serge Ladouceur: it's full of tasty tidbits with no spoilers, and I can't wait to read part two!

ETA:  I am emphatically NOT freaking out over the word that Eric Kripke is handing showrunner reins to Sera Gamble. I don't see Eric ever abandoning his beloved firstborn, even as he attends to other offspring. He's clearly been heavily involved in the development of the season six storyline already, and I expect him (and Robert Singer) to stay involved on the creative end with production oversight, albeit from a higher altitude. But not being showrunner means he could play with the really fun stuff (writing, directing) without having to pull out his thinning hair over budget battles and daily comments from network suits. Sera's been with him from season one, and she collaborates really well with others on the creative team: she shares his vision. I'll do some season six speculation in a separate post Real Soon Now, I promise.
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5.10 Abandon All Hope …: Last Words?

Hunters die to learn

There are things the Colt can’t kill:

Satan raises Death.

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And -- that's a wrap for episode commentary in 2009! I hope to be back with fic before the show starts airing again, and I truly hope that the insanity in my life calms down a little so I can be more timely with these posts. Happy Holidays to all!!
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I finally broke LJ with this one: my post was too large for a single entry. Oops! The episode summary is in this part, and the meta commentary runs in Part Two. *sheepish grin*

5.10 Abandon All Hope …: Last Words?

Hunters die to learn

There are things the Colt can’t kill:

Satan raises Death.

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Apologies for the lengthy delay in getting this one up. My hopes for the new year include less schedule insanity in my real life, to better enable my fantasy one!

I'm finally making my own icons, sometimes. Many thanks to [ profile] raloria , who cued me into the delights of and who posts the most delightful screencaps to start from!

And ... on to the meta commentary and production notes ...

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5.04 The End: We Keep Each Other Human

Despair ends the world.
From future loss, one lesson:
Brotherhood is hope.

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And I really am going to try to start answering comments again. I jsut can't find enough hours in the day!

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4.16 On The Head Of A Pin: There’s No Going Back

Facing Alastair,
Dean learns what he cannot bear:
He broke the first Seal.

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I always feel like the latecomer to the party; I really hope people don't mind that these things take me so long!

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4.8 Wishful Thinking: Careful What You Wish For

Cursed coin warps wishes,
Sowing chaos through a town.
Dean remembers Hell.

Episode Summary

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4.5 Monster Movie: Tackling A Straightforward, Black-And-White Case

Shapeshifter film buff
Recreates movie monsters:
Death in black and white.

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3.13  Ghostfacers!:  Don’t Be ’Facer-Haters ...


Foolish amateurs

Videotape leap year ghosts;

Reality sucks.


Episode Summary



I apologize to all for the extreme lateness of this blog. I had a great week taking care of my Mom, but didn’t even get to see Ghostfacers! until the weekend, and got drafted unexpectedly into a public meeting project the moment I walked back into work. I promise to get my commentary on Long Distance Call out on schedule this weekend, though!

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3.09 Malleus Maleficarum:  That’s What Hell Is


Bombshell from fight with

Desperate housewitch “book club:”

Demons were human.


Episode Summary


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3.03 Bad Day at Black Rock: A Lucky Break?


John’s cursed rabbit’s foot

Tempts and snares a clever thief:

Will it doom his sons?


Episode Summary



Note: This week, I’ll be up at the “Something Wicked” convention in Vancouver. I don’t know how that will affect my ability to get an episode commentary out the door, but I’ll try! (Although given how late this one got out, you might not notice any difference …) And I’ll plan on blogging about all the Vancouver fun while I’m up there, so stay tuned.

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Supernatural Report from Comic-Con


Well, folks, my sojourn at Comic-Con 2007 is over. First off, I must say, regretfully, that I have no personal close encounters of the Supernatural kind to report. And given that there were many people there with cell phones and tiny digital cameras with video capability recording the panel, you’ve probably already seen things on YouTube, so none of this may be new to you. Oh, well – I’m going to write it anyway. I attended the panel, I had a great time, and I don’t regret having gone for a moment! I don't know whether any of my photos will turn out to be decent at all (I have serious doubts), but if any do, I'll post links.


This entry will be devoted entirely to Supernatural. I’ll do a separate one addressing the more general Comic-Con experience, as well as descriptions of the two Stargate-related panels I attended, and my reaction to the delightfully sweet and funny pilot for Pushing Daisies (although I suppose that saying that much pretty well gives away that my reaction was positive … <grin>).



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