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Comic-Con Part Two: Stargates, Babylon 5, Family Guy and Pushing Daisies

Sorry it took me so long to write about the rest of Comic-Con. Clearly, my priority was (and remains!) Supernatural, but I really did mean to write about the rest sooner than this! I plead fatigue and the insanity of work … My focus was on Supernatural, but I found time for a few other things, including the panels on Stargate: SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis, Babylon 5, and Family Guy, and the preview of the pilot of ABC’s new fall series Pushing Daisies.


Consider this a very mild spoiler alert on all of the above shows!



And that’s it for my report from Comic-Con 2007. Next time, I’ll return to my regularly scheduled Supernatural University class – this time focusing on Ellen Harvelle.

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Supernatural Report from Comic-Con


Well, folks, my sojourn at Comic-Con 2007 is over. First off, I must say, regretfully, that I have no personal close encounters of the Supernatural kind to report. And given that there were many people there with cell phones and tiny digital cameras with video capability recording the panel, you’ve probably already seen things on YouTube, so none of this may be new to you. Oh, well – I’m going to write it anyway. I attended the panel, I had a great time, and I don’t regret having gone for a moment! I don't know whether any of my photos will turn out to be decent at all (I have serious doubts), but if any do, I'll post links.


This entry will be devoted entirely to Supernatural. I’ll do a separate one addressing the more general Comic-Con experience, as well as descriptions of the two Stargate-related panels I attended, and my reaction to the delightfully sweet and funny pilot for Pushing Daisies (although I suppose that saying that much pretty well gives away that my reaction was positive … <grin>).


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Tee-hee -- I will cheerfully admit that I've just deep-sixed every shred of common sense I possess and made reservations to fly out to San Diego and spend two days at ComicCon, all for the chance to see Eric Kripke, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Ben Edlund, and Peter Johnson in a one-hour panel on Supernatural.  The price tag for this trip is downright ridiculous, and you know something? I don't bloody well care.


Mind you, I'm in the middle of a super-hot project with an insane deadline, but I can pull off this trip with only one day off -- leaving the day after one major briefing and getting back in the office the day before the next one. I'll take my laptop to work on the plane. But I'm going.

And that makes me very, VERY happy.

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When I got back from my vacation, I finally had the opportunity to read the second issue of the Supernatural: Origins comic book. For those of you reading this who may not be into Supernatural (what's the matter with you? Try it out! It's on the CW on Thursday nights at 9:00 Eastern, and during the summer, it's also running on Sunday nights at the same time), the comic is telling the story of how John Winchester became a hunter following the supernatural death of his wife, and takes us on John's journey of change with his two young sons in the back seat.

Long story short, the art hasn't impressed me, and I'm a little disappointed in the story execution (I want more detail! More detail!!), but those are common problems with me and comics, and they don't interfere much with my general enjoyment of the story itself. However, in the second issue, writer (and series co-producer) Peter Johnson provides the official origin story of the Impala - and I don't believe it for a second. Nope. Didn't happen that way. No way, no how.

I hated that take on the Impala so much that I couldn't resist writing to Peter Johnson care of WildStorm comics to explain why I am going to ignore that piece of his story totally. I have no idea whether or when he'll actually see that letter, or if he'll care about it at all, but - I'm feeling passionately aggravated, so I'm putting up the letter text here too. Who knows - someone may fall over it.

And I'm also writing my own love song version of the Impala's origin. My muse has spoken; I must speak for the car, which can't speak for itself except in the throaty purr of her engine.


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