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Okay: the purpose of this post is simply to collect questions for Supernatural folk that I would love to hear answered. Some of these were mine, some I snagged from others. If you're going to a con, want to ask a non-stupid, non-repetitive question, and can't think of one, feel free to snag and ask one of these! The only thing I would ask is, if you do, please come back and let me know the answer.  :)

I'm leaving this as a sticky post, so I'll add to it over time and cross out ones that have been answered.

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I'll add to this later (NEVER run out of questions, and need to set them up for additional folk beyond Jared and Jensen!), but I wanted to put it out there. Hope it proves useful! If you've got good questions to add that you'd like to make available to others, leave them in the comments, and I'll move them up into the body of the main post to make them easy to find.

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Staying In Love With Your Partner (Show)

Relationships are seldom easy. Oh, some friendships can be – but love? Keeping things both fresh and committed can be hard, because the people (shows) we love are uniquely able to hurt us as well as delight us. Here's some advice on making your relationship with your beloved partner (favorite TV show) work!

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So, those are my basic bits of successful partner (show) relationship advice. Do you have additional ones to contribute? Weigh in!

And stay in love!

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2012 Location Tour, Spoilers Only!

(Originally posted on The Winchester Family Business)

Russ offered a few very tiny little spoilers for season 8 during the location tour. They don't give away anything about character or plot, so they hardly qualify as spoilers at all, but for people who are thoroughly keeping their heads down and eyes averted to come into the season as total virgins, back away now! Otherwise, come on in; I don't think anything here really gives anything crucial away …

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And that ends my report of spoilery information from the location tour. On to season 8!

All my specifically spoilery photos and videos from the tour are here.

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2012 Supernatural Location Tour (No Spoilers!)

(Originally published on The Winchester Family Business)

This article takes you along on the 2012 Location Tour with locations manager Russ Hamilton. While we clearly went to some locations that are being used in season 8 – heck, Supernatural reuses so many locations that it would be impossible to avoid that, and we saw a glimpse of Purgatory at the end of season 7! – this article doesn't include any of the spoilery teases provided on the tour, so you can read this and stay unspoiled. The teasing bits Russ provided will appear in a very short follow-up article clearly marked as containing spoilers. Please don't mention spoiler-related information in your comments on this article; save them for the next one. I know what I skipped saying here!

This year's tour took us to the Purgatory woods, which have also been other things in the past; the DOD lands, also called the North 40, which have been used in so many episodes I've lost count; the backlot, originally built for Watchmen and now a staple of the local studio scene; Como Lake, where Castiel walked into the reservoir and released the Leviathan in Hello, Cruel World; the Paramount Gentlemen's Club in New Westminster, used in Criss Angel Is A Douchebag; and the Minoru Chapel, the deconsecrated church where Castiel killed the preacher in Meet The New Boss.

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Well, that's it for the non-spoilery report on the 2012 Location Tour. If you're okay with spoilers, check out the next post; if you're avoiding spoilers, wait until after the first five episodes air before you check it out.

And I think I'll be planning on joining Russ for next year's tour … :)

A slideshow of all non-spoilery tour photos - with captions - is here.

My photos and videos are here.

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2011 Supernatural Paley Festival Panel

The DVD of the 2006 Supernatural PaleyFest panel is one of my most cherished possessions, so being able to attend the 2011 panel was a dream come true. And it was every bit as great in reality as it was in the dream.

I've written up the whole experience. This has spoilers, because I'm going to share every little detail I can remember from the advance clip they showed from the Western episode, so prepare to shield your eyes!

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Sorry this took so long for me to post here: it's also up in three separate parts on The Winchester Family Business. There's a lot of other good stuff there, too; you should drop by and explore! There are good writers there … :)



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This is coming a little late for Christmas, but a metal artist in British Columbia took one of my photographs and rendered it into wall art. Although I'd commissioned it as a custom design, I told her to go ahead and add it to her gallery, so anyone who wants to order one (or more!) could get them.

See the art, if you so choose! )

Want one of your own? Go to! Check out the Gallery, and you'll find two versions of this wall art available. Contact Senada through the website if you'd like to buy one or more. She will sell copies for $40 Canadian, plus shipping. I hope folk enjoy these!

After Thursday night, I'll be mostly (but not entirely!) offline until a few days after Christmas; then I will be very much back. Have a lovely holiday season, and I'll drop by and try to comment and respond to comments whenever I can even while I'm on the road.
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Okay, folks:  I promised behind-the-scenes photos from my visits to two separate locations during shooting on Supernatural episode 5.06, I Believe the Children Are Our Future, after the episode aired.  I finally got them posted. The two different locations are in separate album slideshows over on my Photobucket account.

You can see the pictures from the location for the house where the babysitter died over here.

You can see the pictures from the house used for both Jesse's house and Julia's house over here.

The first one includes shots of Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles during shooting and between takes. I don't have any shots of the boys at the second location (we were asked not to shoot once they were working), but I went a little wild and crazy with the Impalas. *grin*

I wrote up the experience here earlier. There are more specific details included in the descriptions on the photos in the Photobucket albums.

No hotlinking, please. All images are Copyright 2009 Bardicvoice. Enjoy!!

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Finding the Holy Grail, Parts Two and Three: Supernatural on Location (no real spoilers)

In my last post, I danced for having finally seen Supernatural shooting on location, even though it was night and I never actually saw Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. This post really picks up from that one, because before I left Vancouver, I managed to see filming twice more in daylight, and this time, got to see the boys at work!

I did get behind the scenes photos from both locations on Tuesday and Wednesday, September 1 and 2, including shots during filming on the first one, but I won’t post those photos until the episode (it’s 5.06) airs. [The photos are now up, since the episode has aired: see links at the bottom of this article!] The shots aren’t particularly spoilery – how often have we seen the boys walking to or from the car and talking? – but I’ll defer to the production folk, who really don’t want to see the fans spoiled before episodes air and who asked me to be discreet. All of the shots were taken from public rights of way adjacent to the filming; we were very careful never to trespass or intrude, and made certain that the crew knew that we would stop taking pictures and leave whenever they asked. They asked us to stop shooting photos before they began filming at the second location and we obliged, so I have no shots of the boys from there, but they never asked us to leave.

Without giving anything away, I can talk a bit about what I saw in terms of how things were done, and I will share one funny story from the crew and some observations of antics between takes.
Read the rest... )

ETA:  Since the episode has aired, the photos are now up!

Day one photos (from the house where the babysitter died, including shots of Jensen and Jared), are here.

Day two photos (all the setup at Jesse's/Julia's house) are here.
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Finding the Holy Grail: Supernatural on Location!

I’m pretty sure that every fan who comes to Vancouver hopes above all to encounter the Supernatural crew shooting on location – I know that’s been my Holy Grail for several years now, and in pursuit of it, I’ve driven to past and potential locations across the greater Vancouver area. Well, Thursday night, with the help of friends, I found it!

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Eyecon Fun and Games, Part Three

Welcome to the third and final set of my Eyecon memories! This one includes the Q&A sessions with Jared Padalecki, Chad Lindberg, and Steve Carlson on September 28, 2008.

Nothing like being five months late with finishing something off ... sorry about that! Real life has been kicking my butt with deadlines and responsibilities. You've probably seen every video twenty times over, so none of this will be new, but I just have to finish what I started, so ... read if you like!

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And that's all, folks!  Well, until I manage to post photos ... even later than now.

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Eyecon Fun and Games, Part Two

Welcome to more of my recollections about Eyecon! This part includes the Saturday Q&A sessions with the Ghostfacers, A.J. Buckley and Travis Wester; Fred Lehne; Nicki Aycox; and musician Jason Manns.

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My account of Sunday, with the Q&A sessions with Jared Padalecki, Chad Lindberg, and Steve Carlson, will get up eventually … but not until after my episode commentary on this week’s show!

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Eyecon Fun and Games, Part One

I am very late in writing up my memories of Eyecon, and I’m certain that all the public fun stuff has already been covered by other people’s written accounts and videos, but what can I say; this one is probably mostly for my own memory banks. There are mild spoilers here for the documentary My Big Break, and one teensy little spoiler tidbit about episode 6 of Supernatural season four.

Read the rest; just remember the mild spoiler warning! )

I’ll keep working on setting down my Eyecon memories over the next few days, in between work and episode commentaries and whatnot. I hope you enjoy them! Next up will be the Ghostfacers, A.J. Buckley and Travis Wester, who did their Q&A as a team; Fred Lehne; Nicki Aycox; and Jason Manns … soon. Sometime.

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2008 LA Salute to Supernatural, Part 2


Okay – on to the main event (well, the main post-Kripke event, anyway!). Sunday of course brought Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki for photos, autographs, and general fun and nonsense. I did not have a Gold ticket, so I missed the breakfast hijinks, but the news of Jared’s formal engagement to Sandra McCoy (a co-star of his on the film Cry Wolf, and the Crossroads Demon Sam summoned and killed in Bedtime Stories) circulated at lightspeed once the breakfast room doors had opened. I’m delighted to say that all of the reactions I saw were happiness for the happy couple. People with sufficient presence of mind were congratulating Jared during their photo ops.


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2008 LA Salute to Supernatural, Part One (Spoiler Warning!)

My apologies to everyone who has been waiting for me to finally get on the stick and write up my view of the LA Supernatural Creation convention. Sorry to be late to the party! I plead an incredibly busy real life and the prior commitment to get an essay submitted in the Ben Bella Books Smart Pop contest. But I’m here now, and I’m not going to leave out any of the details I remember, even though I’m sure you’ve all been inundated with everyone’s accounts, photos, and video clips. I’ve interspersed a few photos in the account, and you’re welcome to visit the broader album. Panns already posted the best of my photos here, along with Schroan’s and Met’s.

Given the length of this, I’m splitting it into two pieces, one covering Friday and Saturday, and the second dealing with Sunday. Here comes Part One! Note there are spoilers in the Kripke section, although I don't think that most people would mind them too much ...

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I wish with all my yearning heart that I could say I found the current location for Supernatural during my Vancouver trip last week, watched them shoot, and met Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, but alas, it didn’t happen. Not for want of trying, mind you! I am now amazingly intimate with roads in Vancouver, North Van, Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey, Fort Langley, and part of Delta. In the course of five days, I went through almost two tanks of gas trolling those roads. I can tell you all sorts of amusing things about roads that change names, disappear, turn into other streets, don’t appear on maps, and appear on maps and not in real life, and I can get you to Supernatural’s studio in Burnaby from absolutely anywhere.


I learned that hunting for former (and current) shooting locations can be a great way to see a lot more of a city than an ordinary tourist would ever visit. Given the nature of Supernatural, that included some seedy and disreputable areas that I wouldn’t have felt comfortable walking around (East Hastings, anyone? Homelessness, drug dealing, and prostitute central ...), but it also included charm and beauty. There was a particular delight not only to recognizing a location, but to figuring out where the scene had been shot from, in order to get a camera angle as close as possible to the one used in the show. I now have a real appreciation for crane shots (dang it, can’t duplicate those!) and for places where the camera operators had to have been cursing the landscaping.


Read the rest... )


And to see some of my photos, you can go here:

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Hello, all! I know I promised I’d be blogging from the “Something Wicked” Supernatural fan convention up in Vancouver this weekend, and I confess that I’ve been very derelict in my duties in that regard. Apologies, but we’ve been having a blast up here, and frankly, the only times I’ve been in my room have been when I’ve been sleeping and when we had our little bloggers episode viewing party on Thursday night!


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Comic-Con Part Two: Stargates, Babylon 5, Family Guy and Pushing Daisies

Sorry it took me so long to write about the rest of Comic-Con. Clearly, my priority was (and remains!) Supernatural, but I really did mean to write about the rest sooner than this! I plead fatigue and the insanity of work … My focus was on Supernatural, but I found time for a few other things, including the panels on Stargate: SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis, Babylon 5, and Family Guy, and the preview of the pilot of ABC’s new fall series Pushing Daisies.


Consider this a very mild spoiler alert on all of the above shows!



And that’s it for my report from Comic-Con 2007. Next time, I’ll return to my regularly scheduled Supernatural University class – this time focusing on Ellen Harvelle.

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Supernatural Report from Comic-Con


Well, folks, my sojourn at Comic-Con 2007 is over. First off, I must say, regretfully, that I have no personal close encounters of the Supernatural kind to report. And given that there were many people there with cell phones and tiny digital cameras with video capability recording the panel, you’ve probably already seen things on YouTube, so none of this may be new to you. Oh, well – I’m going to write it anyway. I attended the panel, I had a great time, and I don’t regret having gone for a moment! I don't know whether any of my photos will turn out to be decent at all (I have serious doubts), but if any do, I'll post links.


This entry will be devoted entirely to Supernatural. I’ll do a separate one addressing the more general Comic-Con experience, as well as descriptions of the two Stargate-related panels I attended, and my reaction to the delightfully sweet and funny pilot for Pushing Daisies (although I suppose that saying that much pretty well gives away that my reaction was positive … <grin>).



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