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Supernatural University: Tragedies, Bloodlines, Legacies – The Evolution of the Family Business

“Saving people, hunting things: the family business.”

That's been the tagline of Supernatural from the very beginning, memorably given voice by Dean way back in the second episode, Wendigo, and repeated multiple times every season since. But it's never been a static concept; every part of that phrase has undergone evolution as the seasons progressed. In this discussion, I look at how the show has changed our understanding of family and the family business from its original presentation of hunting, hunters, the Winchesters, and saving people to where we stand at the beginning of season nine. Welcome to a multidiscliplinary Supernatural University analytical session!

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Anticipation, It's Making Me Wait …

Season nine promises to continue exploring the Winchesters' MOL legacy and – through the consequences of Sam's trials, Dean's decisions, the angels falling, and Castiel being rendered human – the tensions in both the Winchesters' immediate and extended family. I suspect we'll see even more evolution in the family business concerning what it means to save people and hunt things.

But no matter what comes, I know family will always remain at the heart of the show. After all, this all started with another family business that diversified from its origins – Kripke Enterprises, a metal scrap dealer in Toledo, Ohio!

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Supernatural University: Calling All Angels

This is the first of two articles exploring angels in the Supernatural universe. In this one, I'll be looking at the role angels have played and how that developed through the history of the series, including how angels relate to monsters and humans, and how I think their role has both meshed with and changed the show's “bible” over time. In the next article, shifting from the general concept of angels to the specific, I'm going to explore in detail the unique role of Castiel and put forward my own theories on his nature and purpose. Welcome to a multidisciplinary Supernatural University session in myth, theology, philosophy, psychology, and the nature of television production!

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The LJ Rich Text Editor is finally playing nice with OpenOffice, so I'm finally posting my one season seven review here on LJ. Yay! At last!!


7.03 The Girl Next Door: Nothing In Our Lives Is Simple

What makes a monster?
Sam hunts, then frees, an old friend;
Dean kills her instead.

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Winchesters endure. They survive. And somehow ... they make it right in the end.

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6.22 The Man Who Knew Too Much: I'm Not Leaving My Brother Alone Out There

Memory endgame:
Castiel drops Sam's mind-wall,
Takes a power trip.

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The icon on this is mine, from a screencap by Alice Jester of The Winchester Family Business.

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6.19 Mommy Dearest: I'm Building The Perfect Beast

Eve builds new hybrids;
Castiel faked Crowley's death –
All about the souls.


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2011 Supernatural Paley Festival Panel

The DVD of the 2006 Supernatural PaleyFest panel is one of my most cherished possessions, so being able to attend the 2011 panel was a dream come true. And it was every bit as great in reality as it was in the dream.

I've written up the whole experience. This has spoilers, because I'm going to share every little detail I can remember from the advance clip they showed from the Western episode, so prepare to shield your eyes!

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Sorry this took so long for me to post here: it's also up in three separate parts on The Winchester Family Business. There's a lot of other good stuff there, too; you should drop by and explore! There are good writers there … :)



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6.15 The French Mistake: We Matter To That World
Heaven’s civil war
Puts bros in bizarro world
Acting out their lives. 
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This entry is also available on The Winchester Family Business.

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6.02 Two And A Half Men: Here I’ve Been Thinking We’re Family
Baby shapeshifter
Makes Winchesters, Campbells ask:
Who’s your family? 
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My apologies for being so late with this one. Real life kicked my ass, what with a couple of work fire drills, meetings outside the office, and a full day last weekend dedicated to working as a volunteer at the Flyin’ and Cruisin’ Festival out in Winchester, VA (at least I was in Winchester!). I promise to try to do better this week!
And thanks to everyone who gave feedback on my little poll about the detailed episode synopses in my commentaries/reviews! I’ve decided to keep them in, so if you like them, yay! And if you skip them, well – you can keep skipping them. It works for me! 

Oh - and the lovely icon on this is by [ profile] kasienka_nikki . Thanks!

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6.01 Exile On Main Street: You Can’t Outrun Your Past
Monsters break patterns.
Finding Sam alive again
Breaks Dean’s “normal” world. 
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Please note:  the "But Nothing Really Ends, Does It?" section below contains possible spoilers, since it mentions the CW's general description of season six during my speculations on what might happen.

5.22 Swan Song: I Got Something To Say

Lucifer takes Sam;
Dean and the car bring him back.
Promises break hearts.  
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Sorry this is so very late and very long, and thanks for reading! I’ll be doing episode commentaries again when season six premieres. I hope to do a little fanfic during the summer, and maybe a few other things potentially of interest, so feel free to hang around if you like. Otherwise, I’ll see you in the fall! 

Link back to Part One:  Episode Summary only

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5.21 Two Minutes To Midnight: Good Luck Stopping The Whole Zombie Apocalypse. Yeah – Good Luck Killing Death.
Pestilence fails.
Cas turns human, Bobby walks –
Death changes the game. 
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The icon on this is by [ profile] dzajnisko .  If you'd like to see the window reflection image I was talking about, you can find a lovely screencap of it here by [ profile] raloria . Thank you both!!

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About Supernatural Season Six ...
What follows is my purely speculative take on possibilities for season six of Supernatural. I have absolutely no inside track on the show; all I’m going to do here is weave the gossamer threads of my imagination with ideas spooled out of interviews with Eric Kripke during the last half-year to produce a nebulous tapestry of what might be in the end of season five and the new course of season six. I’m also going to look back for perspective to things we’ve heard from Kripke throughout the entire run of the show. If you want to avoid any potential for possible spoilerage based on interviews Kripke has already given combined with my guesses and questions, do not click on the cut-link to read the rest of this post. Otherwise, click and come on in! 
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5.12  Swap Meat: All You Gotta Do Is Say Yes


Nerdy teen witches

With a body-swap weapon

Use Sam to hunt Dean.


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The icon on this one is mine, from a cap by [ profile] raloria . Thanks, sweet!

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This is coming a little late for Christmas, but a metal artist in British Columbia took one of my photographs and rendered it into wall art. Although I'd commissioned it as a custom design, I told her to go ahead and add it to her gallery, so anyone who wants to order one (or more!) could get them.

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Want one of your own? Go to! Check out the Gallery, and you'll find two versions of this wall art available. Contact Senada through the website if you'd like to buy one or more. She will sell copies for $40 Canadian, plus shipping. I hope folk enjoy these!

After Thursday night, I'll be mostly (but not entirely!) offline until a few days after Christmas; then I will be very much back. Have a lovely holiday season, and I'll drop by and try to comment and respond to comments whenever I can even while I'm on the road.
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5.09 The Real Ghostbusters: I’m Not Sure You Get What The Story’s About

Convention ghost games
Teach real-life brother lessons,
Wake a true haunting.

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Not a long one this time, but still late. Sorry! My house is almost finished -- I started moving back in this last weekend, unpacking boxes -- but work is still nuts. Hopefully I will do better this week, and then turn to fiction during the hiatus. I'm backlogged on stories!
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5.02 Good God, Y’All: I Don’t Trust Me, Either

Castiel seeks God.
War’s sly, murderous deceits
Make Sam see the truth.

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5.01 Sympathy For The Devil: What I Need Is You

Lucifer walks Earth;

Angels seek the Michael sword.

Trust is hard to find.


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4.22 Lucifer Rising: If There’s Anything Worth Dying For, This Is It

Angels let seals break,
Wanting the apocalypse;
Sam opens the door.

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I love you, Eric Kripke!!!

Thinky thoughts will come later. This is enough for now.
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My apologies for not having gotten around to responding to most comments yet; I'm way, way behind, and real life is kicking my ass timewise. Not all in a bad way, mind you; just a really, really busy one. (If you've ever tried to work full time and some overtime while planning the remodeling of your house, cleaning in preparation for an onslaught of contractors, doing your estate planning, and embarking on a new venture to get additional income, you've got an idea!)

In apology and to tide you over for a while (ass-busting will continue at least until Sunday), I offer a little haiku that came to me in the car on my way home from work today. This would be my version of the ideal finale of season five, if it is, as Kripke has announced repeatedly, his intended end of Supernatural as a weekly series.  :)



This is how it ends.
Fate. War. Love. Faith. Redemption.
"Bitch."  "Jerk."  Rock song plays.


Roll those end credits, Kripke. We'll love you through our laughing tears.

And I do promise to get around to responding to all those lovely comments, as soon as I possibly can. Right now, though, it's 23:00, and I need to get up and start over at 05:00 tomorrow, which will come all too fast.


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