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Supernatural Fanfic Master Post

I don’t write nearly as many stories as other fanfic authors, but I have enough that I thought putting up a master post to provide easy access might help people find them, both the old and the new. So, in mostly reverse chronological order as written, here’s a master list of links to all my Supernatural fanfiction. I've begun to record my stories into MP3 podfic format; as I complete recordings, I'll be adding the podfic links here, under the description of each story.

Just so you know, I am strictly a canon writer (except for the stories set in the past on which I’ve been Kripke’d). There is no slash here. There are relationships that may include non-explicit sex, but all of them were established in show canon. Only one of them went farther in my story than in the show itself; pardon me for giving Bobby and Jody the chance to consummate a relationship before Bobby died. :)

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Wow, it's been a long time since I've written any fiction. The idea for this one just came to me on a walk. With limited writing time and just one simple, crystal idea, I thought it would make an effective drabble, a 100-word story. You judge. I'll warn you, it's depressing.

Title: Paradise
Author: Bardicvoice
Characters: Bobby and Castiel, discussing Sam and Dean
Rating: G
Warnings: Umm, Winchester brothers being Winchester brothers, no matter what.
Word count: 100
Summary: "Each soul makes its own Heaven."

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For anyone interested, I've done a sticky post master list of all my Supernatural fanfic. I'm far from prolific, but thought the master post might make it easy for anyone wanting to read my stuff to be certain of finding it all. Also, anybody who wants a handy bookmark to my writing could use the master list for that purpose. I will update it as I do new stuff.

So, if you're in the mood for canon-compliant fic (apart from some pre-series stuff that got Kripke'd in Swan Song!), drop on by my Supernatural Master Fanfic Post, and prowl through my little collection. Hope you enjoy!

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Hey, folks:  for anyone potentially interested, the voting is now open in the "Valentine's Kiss Contest" drabble competition over in [ profile] spn_drabble .   Why not drop on over here to the contest voting post, read all the entries, and take a chance on winning an Amazon gift certificate?

Again, all the details (and the chance to vote) are over here.  Votes must be cast before Sunday night, 1 March.

And yeah, one of those fourteen entries is mine.  But there are 13 others to read, too!  You need to vote for your three favorites.

Have fun!
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Title:  Submarine Races
Rating:  PG
Characters/Pairing:  Dean
Words:  100
Disclaimer:  These characters belong to Eric Kripke, Wonderland Sound and Vision, and Warner Brothers Television. No infringement is intended.
Summary:  Dean's alone on a case on Valentine's Day. Pre-series.
Warnings:  None.
Written for the Valentines Kiss Contest over at [profile] spn_drabble 

Submarine Races

Every town had one. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, it was a scenic overlook on Lake Michigan where couples parked to “watch the submarine races.” Yeah: Midwestern humor. With some monster killing local teenagers, though, the submarines were racing unwatched this Valentine’s Day night, except by him. Alone.

Waiting, watching, he wondered idly whether his parents had ever parked somewhere like this. He wondered whether Sammy had found a girl, out there in Palo Alto, and a car. He wondered if his Dad was lonely.

He kissed his fingertips, and then reached out to touch the Impala’s dashboard.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart.”

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Title: Forty-One Days of Metallicar: 41 Collected Impala Drabbles
Author:  [ profile] bardicvoice
Rating: PG
Characters: All, no pairings
Word Count: 4,100
This story collection is now also available in Russian, thanks to [info]smth_evil, with original illustrations by HerbstRegen!  Go see!

For [ profile] alias_chick  ’s 41 Days of Metallicar countdown to the Season Four premiere, I wrote daily, precisely 100-word drabbles involving the Impala. Here’s the complete collection for this year. The stories randomly span the first three seasons of the show as well as pre-series time, and involve Dean, Sam, John, Mary, Bobby, Pastor Jim, Henricksen, Reidy, Ellen, and some OFCs and OMCs.

2016 Edit: When last I checked, the Russian translation, while still online, couldn't be read in either Safari or Chrome: the letters were all appearing as ? icons instead of Cyrillic alphabet. I've added each of the HerbstRegen illustrations to this post: they remain under his 2009 copyright, not mine. All illustrations in this post are by HerbstRegen, and should be credited with a 2009 copyright notice.

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Okay, folks -- here's my official last entry in the 41 Days of Metallicar celebration countdown! Tonight, we finally get our boys back with the premiere of season four of Supernatural! That's ample reason to celebrate, and believe me, I will.

But before the joy begins, this final 100-word drabble takes us back to the end of last season, to set the stage for this one.

Dean’s grave was concealed in an empty, weed-choked field in the middle of nowhere, marked only by a featureless white wooden cross identical to those that adorned ten thousand other anonymous roadside shrines to the victims of drunk drivers, ice storms, stupidity, or bad luck. The coordinates were recorded in Sam’s GPS, the only way that anyone could find it, even Sam.
He’d never gone back.
He knew better than anyone that Dean wasn’t there, and that no solace would be found at his grave.
Instead, Sam lived inside his memorial, hunting recklessly with her for his vengeance and salvation.


The image in this drabble intentionally echoes my short story, Last Rites.  I'm still processing last season, I think.

And so ends this year's 41 Days of Metallicar countdown. Welcome, Season Four!

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Today, Dean gets out of the car in New Harmony, Indiana. Here's my contribution to day 40 of the 41 Days of Metallicar celebration. Just one more day to the season four premiere!!

All he had left was a brother, a car, and a load of regret. When he left, all he’d leave his brother was the car and another load of regret.
His legacy.
He’d be the first to admit he hadn’t thought it through. All he’d wanted, all he’d ever wanted, was to save and protect his family, and not to be alone. Well, he’d screwed that up. He doubted he’d get more alone than Hell.
He’d never meant to hurt Sam. In the end, that was the only regret that mattered.
“Take care of him, girl,” he whispered, and left.


You know where the Kleenex are ...

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The last three drabbles in this collection definitely carry Kleenex warnings. Here's my contribution to day 39 of the 41 Days of Metallicar countdown ...


He’d watched for weeks as Dean slowly rebuilt himself along with the car.

He’d thought they were both goners; he hadn’t counted on John’s self-sacrifice or Sam’s stubbornness. When the boys came to him after, he guessed pretty quick that Dean’d figured out John; boy was too quiet, like he’d been when they’d first met and had never been since. But he’d asked for tools and started over. He maybe did a better job on the car than on himself, but spare parts for souls were harder to find.

Now he prayed Sam could fix himself at least as well.


*Offers fresh box of Kleenex*

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We're coming to the end of the countdown!  Here's my contribution to day 38 of the 41 Days of Metallicar celebration.

The Gift
“Be gentle with her, Dean. Smooth and slow. Lift off the brake; now press the accelerator. Gently! That’s it. Keep her straight.”
Even with the seat pulled all the way forward, ten-year-old Dean could barely reach the pedals and see over the dash. The tip of his tongue protruded from the right side of his mouth, betraying the intensity of his concentration. He focused single-mindedly on getting everything exactly right, the same way he’d approached caring for Sammy and learning to shoot.
Watching Dean vibrating with delighted determination, John was humbly grateful that the best birthday presents sometimes were free.

On an empty country lane in the middle of nowhere ... that's how I picture it, anyway!

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I really meant to write a light-hearted one today. I did, truly. The muse, however, had other ideas, so here is my contribution to day 37 of the 41 Days of Metallicar countdown ...

Lucky Charms

Third time's the charm.

People used the phrase to invoke luck. It was just another measure of how screwed up his life was that he thought it about his death. Electrocuted, but restored by a Reaper. Demon-tortured and smashed by a truck, but restored by a demon. Both times, his life exchanged for someone else’s; first a stranger, then Dad.

Third time’s the charm.

He couldn’t think about this near Sam. Sam was already scared and guilty; he couldn’t add to it. Instead, he sat alone in the car, hands sweating on the wheel, but resolute.

Third time’s for Sam.


The Kleenex box is right over there.  *points*

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Here's my contribution to day 36 of the 41 Days of Metallicar celebration.

Chick Magnet

“Is that your car? Nice!” Bright blue eyes in a pert face framed by a tumble of blonde curls caressed the car, and then returned to him, assessing and approving. In another minute, they’d be offering.

He’d seen it happen a thousand times. Okay, bit of exaggeration there. Lots of women were blind to cars, but those that weren’t found the Impala an irresistible part of the package, right up there with tall, strong, and handsome. He wasn’t sure what it said, but he knew where it led.

Where he didn’t want to go.

“No,” he said. “It’s my brother’s.”


I know, I'm evil and in league with the makers of Kleenex ... although you can change the mood on this one entirely by simply varying the time you imagine it happening. Imagine it during seasons one and two, and it reads totally differently than if you think of it as post-season three ...


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How could I not be in a melancholy mood, after yesterday and last night?  Here is my contribution to day 35 of the 41 Days of Metallicar celebration ...


Her tires sang mournfully on wet pavement. He’d never noticed that before.

He was familiar with a lot of things about her. The way she always smelled of leather and gun oil, with echoes of blood and sweat and fast food and gasoline. The way her engine growled and the power of it made her whole frame tremble. The way the rolled upholstery of her seats creased his cheek when he slept.

He’d grown up with all those things, but in the grim silence of the present, stripped of music and voices, for the first time, he heard her grieve.


And we have less than a week to go!

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Here's my 100-word contribution to day 34 of 41 Days of Metallicar ... a bit of John.  (Hope you enjoy it, Keeper!)

The Impala came cheap because it needed work. He was good with his hands, and by the time he finished the restoration job, the car was a rolling advertisement for his skill that brought new business into the garage. Didn’t hurt either that Mary thought it was beautiful when she saw it done. He was proud of it.
Pride died with hunting, along with so much else. It took his boys to give his pride back, pride in who they were and how they grew up. The car was just a tool, then.
Dean’s pride in her restored his own.

Yes, I love Big Daddy Winchester ... flaws and all.

And only one week to go to season four!!!!


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Today's is kind of the flip side of yesterday's, so I guess a Kleenex warning should apply ... Here's my contribution to day 33 of the 41 Days of Metallicar celebration.  (It's a lucky thing I'm doing these 100-word drabbles, by the way; they're helping to preserve my sanity as the deadlines at work surge out of control. I frankly don't have time for meta, so Supernatural University is suffering, but I can tuck thoughts about 100 words into little nooks and crannies in the day.)


He tried to listen to her. Dean had always listened to her, every time he started the engine. But no matter how hard he listened, he couldn’t hear whatever it was she’d conveyed to Dean. He just heard an engine, powerful and steady, an echo of Dean’s heartbeat, Dean’s voice, Dean’s laugh. Her solid frame was a ghost of Dean’s strength, the back of her seat the support of Dean’s arm. But he couldn’t feel what Dean had felt when he’d caressed her wheel.

He never realized that Dean had felt his father’s strength, his mother’s love: his own ghosts.


I think we know what the Impala will mean to Sam. She's all he has left of his brother in a tangible form ...

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And -- here are another 100 words, my contribution to day 32 of the 41 Days of Metallicar celebration ...

Rosetta Stone
He’d often joked with Sam that she spoke to him.
Dad started teaching him her language when he was still little, but he’d picked up most of it on his own. The split-second hesitation that meant her transmission needed attention, the ghost of a stutter that called for a tune-up, the slight change in pitch asking for a new muffler or exhaust pipe – he knew them all. Every change in shift, steering, or pedal response was part of their dialogue. He felt her.
Mechanical aptitude aside, he wondered whether he could teach Sam to listen to her with his heart.


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Now that we've reached day 31 of the 41 Days of Metallicar celebration, I'm pretty confident that I'll manage to pull off a 100-word drabble each day through the arrival of the new season. I had my doubts along the way, but now I'm feeling pretty good!

Driving was good for both thinking and non-thinking. Sam never got that; he always focused too much on the task to experience the zen.
Dean never had to think about controlling the car; she was part of him, like his muscles. Dad had trained his situational awareness until it was second nature, so he was always almost subliminally aware of traffic for as far as he could see in all directions. He perceived and he adjusted, all without conscious thought. It was soothing.
Behind the wheel, he could solve problems or retreat from them all.
He wished that Sam could.
This reflects my own view of driving, pretty much ... my deanishness!!

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Okay, I think that this one's been overdue. Here's my contribution to day 30 of the 41 Days of Metallicar celebration.

“You sure you’re okay?”
Dean didn’t open his eyes.
“While I was out sweating, you spent the day sitting in a nice cool library, dude. Your turn to go get dinner.”
Sam chuckled and left. He turned the key in the ignition, but the starter didn’t crank; instead, a sultry alto voice complained, “You’re not Dean.”
He jumped in the seat, heart in his throat, and shocked surprise froze him for an open-mouthed instant; then he contorted to look beneath the dash. A portable tape player was wired into the starter.
Dean whistled from the doorway, waving his cellphone camera.
After the last two pranks, I figured it was about time Dean got some of his own back ... the fun was thinking of a joke he wouldn't mind playing that would involve his baby!

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Today's entry is less a story and more a short video clip ... here's my contribution to day 29 of the 41 Days of Metallicar celebration.

She didn’t have sports car handling or speed; she was far too big and heavy for that. Her long wheelbase made her awkward and sloppy on corners. Her hefty, rebuilt engine guzzled gas. Her sheer size made urban parking a challenge. Her old steel frame and body required constant vigilance against rust.
But as he slammed her into reverse, mashed the accelerator, and spun the wheel, skidding her into a deliberate slide, her power gave him torque and her weight gave him momentum, and he finessed his intimacy with her handling to use her steel flank to disperse a ghost.


No Kleenex needed!
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My mind is really starting to focus on the season premiere, now less than two weeks away; that's how I explain this contribution to day 28 of the 41 Days of Metallicar celebration.

The Keeper of Lost Things

Anything lost almost always turned up under the seats or in the glove box or the trunk. Since they practically lived in the car, that wasn't surprising, but it had become a family joke. He still remembered Dean telling him bedtime stories about lost toys when he was little, calling the Impala the Keeper of Lost Things. When Dad was really late getting back once, Dean reassured him that her magic worked on people too, so he didn't need to worry about Dad being lost.

Now sometimes he dreamed that he opened her door, and found Dean safe inside.


*sets out fresh box of Kleenex*



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