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Supernatural Fanfic Master Post

I don’t write nearly as many stories as other fanfic authors, but I have enough that I thought putting up a master post to provide easy access might help people find them, both the old and the new. So, in mostly reverse chronological order as written, here’s a master list of links to all my Supernatural fanfiction. I've begun to record my stories into MP3 podfic format; as I complete recordings, I'll be adding the podfic links here, under the description of each story.

Just so you know, I am strictly a canon writer (except for the stories set in the past on which I’ve been Kripke’d). There is no slash here. There are relationships that may include non-explicit sex, but all of them were established in show canon. Only one of them went farther in my story than in the show itself; pardon me for giving Bobby and Jody the chance to consummate a relationship before Bobby died. :)

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For anyone interested, I've done a sticky post master list of all my Supernatural fanfic. I'm far from prolific, but thought the master post might make it easy for anyone wanting to read my stuff to be certain of finding it all. Also, anybody who wants a handy bookmark to my writing could use the master list for that purpose. I will update it as I do new stuff.

So, if you're in the mood for canon-compliant fic (apart from some pre-series stuff that got Kripke'd in Swan Song!), drop on by my Supernatural Master Fanfic Post, and prowl through my little collection. Hope you enjoy!


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