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The Haiku Episode Guide to Supernatural

Work in progress, Copyright 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 Mary F. Dominiak, aka Bardicvoice
This will be updated as the series continues, and missing entries from seasons seven and eight will be added as I manage to finish them.

The first haiku for the series was essentially written by Eric Kripke: the rest are mine.

Saving people, hunting things –
The family business.

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My series end haiku, for whenever:

This is how it ends.
Fate. War. Love. Faith. Redemption.
Bitch.” “Jerk.” Rock song plays.

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9.01 I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here: There Ain't No Me If There Ain't No You

Sam's inner debate:
Fight for life, or die in peace?
Dean loads angel dice.

Commentary and Meta Analysis

Put me on the list of fans who loved this episode. I know it created controversy among fans – hell, what episode doesn't these days, given the different lenses fans always watch through? – but it worked brilliantly for me. In this discussion, I'm going to look at angels in the human outfield; what was going on in Sam's mind as he lay in that coma; Dean's decisions; Castiel dealing with humanity from the inside; and the enigmatic Ezekiel.

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In his internal debate about living or dying, Sam unconsciously stacked the deck against his own survival by emphasizing all the things that make human life hard: struggle, conflict, anger, pain, loss. All too often, I think we, like Sam, lose sight of the very things that make even the hardest life worthwhile: love, concern for each other, generosity, acceptance, forgiveness. Sometimes, we need to take a leap of faith and place our trust in someone else to find our way back to ourselves. Every time we do that, we take a risk – but don't you think life and love are worth a risk?

Want to read my commentaries and meta earlier? They always post on The Winchester Family Business a few days before they appear here. Check!

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8.12 As Time Goes By: As Long As We're Alive, There's Always Hope

What if your whole past
Isn't what you always thought?
What's your legacy?

Commentary and Meta Analysis

While this episode was beautifully shot and had some powerful emotional beats, I had real problems with it because it seemed to radically change things we thought we knew and add many new, mostly derivative ones without providing much logical supporting structure for them. I felt like last week's Maria, aka Gholandria the Wicked, watching a surprise genre mash-up of Supernatural, Buffy, Highlander, and Warehouse 13. I'll be curious to see how they smooth over the story seams in upcoming episodes since they've already started down this the road, but in the meantime, I'm working hard to find ways to make what I saw make sense in the context of show canon as I've perceived it. And this season is all about perception, isn't it?

In this commentary, I'm going to discuss my difficulty dealing with John's sudden acquisition of issues with paternal abandonment; the problematic legacy of the super-secret Men of Letters; and the latest wrinkles in the show's systems of magic.

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8.03: What’s Up, Tiger Mommy?: It’s About The Sacrifice

(Previously published on The Winchester Family Business)

What's the price of peace?
Mother's soul for her son's life;
Dean's Winchester guilt.

Commentary and Meta Analysis

I will apologize in advance, because this one’s going to be short and shallow given the current strictures on my time. I hope to be able to come back and explore more things later – for one, I already have a whole meta in process on the role played by Castiel throughout the show, something I began over a month ago, and I agree with Samandiriel’s comment on heart – but for the time being, I’m going to run very briefly just with the glimpse inside Dean this episode gave us.

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8.02 We Need To Talk About Kevin: Let's Do This

(Originally published on the Winchester Family Business)

Escaped fighter Dean
Disrupts Sam's new life of peace.
New quest: Word of God.

Commentary and Meta Analysis

I'm afraid this won't be up to my usual standards – I'm hideously hard-pressed right now juggling the career I'm leaving, the career I'm starting, family matters, and my fannish heart – but I had to return to blogging Supernatural. I hope you'll forgive the absence of the episode summaries and the scattershot and incomplete nature of the commentaries, at least until my life takes on its new proper proportions in January. I promise to try to do better then, although I think the summaries are toast. Alas.

In the meantime, this discussion explores my thoughts on Purgatory, Dean, and Sam.

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Suffice to say for the moment that I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, need to watch it again, and cannot wait to see where Carver and company are taking us! I especially want to know what happened to Castiel; Dean's whole story in Purgatory; exactly what happened to Sam after Dean and Castiel disappeared; and why the angels haven't intervened to secure the stray Words of God on Earth … Oh, and I hope we get to keep the rock music this season, because opening with Jethro Tull and Styx was wonderful!

Bring it, season eight!

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My apologies for not having gotten around to responding to most comments yet; I'm way, way behind, and real life is kicking my ass timewise. Not all in a bad way, mind you; just a really, really busy one. (If you've ever tried to work full time and some overtime while planning the remodeling of your house, cleaning in preparation for an onslaught of contractors, doing your estate planning, and embarking on a new venture to get additional income, you've got an idea!)

In apology and to tide you over for a while (ass-busting will continue at least until Sunday), I offer a little haiku that came to me in the car on my way home from work today. This would be my version of the ideal finale of season five, if it is, as Kripke has announced repeatedly, his intended end of Supernatural as a weekly series.  :)



This is how it ends.
Fate. War. Love. Faith. Redemption.
"Bitch."  "Jerk."  Rock song plays.


Roll those end credits, Kripke. We'll love you through our laughing tears.

And I do promise to get around to responding to all those lovely comments, as soon as I possibly can. Right now, though, it's 23:00, and I need to get up and start over at 05:00 tomorrow, which will come all too fast.

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3.07  Fresh Blood:  One Last Good Thing


Gordon, hunting Sam,

Becomes what he hates the most.

Dean answers Sam’s plea.


Episode Summary


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In honor of the Impala's 40th birthday, and in anticipation of the advent of Season Three, [profile] alias_chickhas been hosting a forty-day-long art party here. If you haven't been by, you really should visit: there are some marvelous headers, icons, walls, and whatnot paying tribute to the car and the boys!

My part of the fun has been ginning up a haiku for each day of the celebration, and I thought I'd finally go ahead and post the whole collection here on my LJ. I hope folk enjoy them!

They are gen, rated G for all ages, and spoiler-free.

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During season two of Supernatural, I started the haiku episode guide, coming up with one haiku to describe each episode. The first two seasons are now complete, and I thought folk might enjoy them. Hopefully, if I've figured this out right, you should be able to click on the LJ cut text below to go to the full thing ...


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