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The Impala Chronicles (Forty-Some Years In A Life) : Master Post

This collection of individual stories is a work in progress. My intent is to write one short story for each year of the Impala’s existence, putting the car and its owners into the context of  the absolutely real-world American history I lived through: the civil rights struggle, the space program, Vietnam, and more, complete with an absolutely period-appropriate soundtrack, since classic rock is so much a part of this show. I began this in July 2009, long before Swan Song aired, so my early history doesn’t match canon any longer, but I’m not going to change it. Despite the long breaks in writing this, I do intend to finish it and bring it current; I just haven’t any idea when I’ll accomplish that, given other demands on my time. I’m only ten years in so far. Each story can be read individually, but it would be best to start at the beginning, since early stories in particular include characters you don’t already know who continue in time. They’re each quite short. 

This page links to each individual story.
Chapter 1 – June 12, 1967: Black And White  
Chapter 2 – November 20, 1968: Cursed  
Chapter 3 – July 20, 1969: Moon Magic
Chapter 4 – August 27, 1970: Culture Clash
Chapter 5 – April 22-24, 1971: Blowin’ In The Wind  
Chapter 6 – December 26, 1972: Paint It Black
Chapter 7 – November 22, 1973: The Dark Side of the Moon
Chapter 8 – August 9, 1974: Along The Way
Chapter 9 – April 30, 1975: Shelter From The Storm
Chapter 10 – June 17, 1976: Stars and Stripes Forever 
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6.17 My Heart Will Go On: This Is About The Souls

Titanic effect:
Changing the past mints new souls
But fate still prevails.

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This is so late going up, I'm not certain it matters to anyone. Sorry about that.  :(



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6.03 The Third Man: Whoever Has The Weapons Wins The War
Heaven’s civil war
Sets lost weapons loose on Earth;
Angels deal in souls. 
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The most amusing icon on this post is by [ profile] tiptoe_icons . Thank you!

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6.02 Two And A Half Men: Here I’ve Been Thinking We’re Family
Baby shapeshifter
Makes Winchesters, Campbells ask:
Who’s your family? 
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My apologies for being so late with this one. Real life kicked my ass, what with a couple of work fire drills, meetings outside the office, and a full day last weekend dedicated to working as a volunteer at the Flyin’ and Cruisin’ Festival out in Winchester, VA (at least I was in Winchester!). I promise to try to do better this week!
And thanks to everyone who gave feedback on my little poll about the detailed episode synopses in my commentaries/reviews! I’ve decided to keep them in, so if you like them, yay! And if you skip them, well – you can keep skipping them. It works for me! 

Oh - and the lovely icon on this is by [ profile] kasienka_nikki . Thanks!

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6.01 Exile On Main Street: You Can’t Outrun Your Past
Monsters break patterns.
Finding Sam alive again
Breaks Dean’s “normal” world. 
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Title: June 17, 1976: Stars and Stripes Forever (Chapter 10/4? of The Impala Chronicles (Forty-some Years in a Life))
Characters/Pairings: John/Mary
Words: ~1300
Rating: G
Spoilers: None beyond aired episodes 

Finally, at long last, here is the latest chapter in my chronicle of the Impala’s history, the collection of shorts I began last summer to place the Impala and the Winchester family into the canvas of real-world American history by doing one story for each year of the Impala’s existence. My first six stories – the ones spanning 1967 through 1972 – were turned into an alternate history by Eric Kripke’s script for Swan Song, with its story of her first owner Sal Moriarty and his Bibles, but I’m going to continue writing my version of the Winchester years.
It’s just going to take a lot longer than I thought it would back when I started. :) 
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5.22 Swan Song: I Got Something To Say
Lucifer takes Sam;
Dean and the car bring him back.
Promises break hearts. 
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Sorry:  this one is so long, I broke LJ and had to split it into two parts!
Link to Part Two:  Commentary and Meta Analysis, and Production Notes

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Happy New Year, folks!

Sorry I've been away so long; I promise to try not to make a habit of that. I finally managed to blow the dust off my writing, something I really wasn't able to do during the prolonged remodeling work on my house. (It's hard to write when you can't sit in your own house, spread out your research materials, and dive in ...) Now that the remodeling is done, I get to work at home at last! Here is my much-delayed ninth entry in the sequence of stories I began this past summer, intending to write one story for each year of the Impala's existence, linking the Impala and her owners with real-world history. I still intend to keep the story going; it's just going to take a lot longer ... *wry grin*


Title: April 30, 1975: Shelter From The Storm (Chapter 9/4? of The Impala Chronicles (Forty-some Years in a Life)
Characters/Pairings:  John/Mary
Words:  ~1400
Rating:  G
Spoilers: None beyond aired episodes. References events from 4.3, In The Beginning.

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This is coming a little late for Christmas, but a metal artist in British Columbia took one of my photographs and rendered it into wall art. Although I'd commissioned it as a custom design, I told her to go ahead and add it to her gallery, so anyone who wants to order one (or more!) could get them.

See the art, if you so choose! )

Want one of your own? Go to! Check out the Gallery, and you'll find two versions of this wall art available. Contact Senada through the website if you'd like to buy one or more. She will sell copies for $40 Canadian, plus shipping. I hope folk enjoy these!

After Thursday night, I'll be mostly (but not entirely!) offline until a few days after Christmas; then I will be very much back. Have a lovely holiday season, and I'll drop by and try to comment and respond to comments whenever I can even while I'm on the road.
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I knew I'd miss days during this year's 42 Days of Metallicar countdown. This is day 8 for me, but it will go in day 10 of the ongoing countdown, since I'm running late. Sorry about that! I do still promise to write all 42 stories, one for each year, but they'll take longer this time around.

The Impala Chronicles (Forty-some Years In A Life), Chapter 8
August 9, 1974: Along The Way

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The icon on this one, by the way, is by [ profile] crazypandabear . Thanks!!

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Here's my entry for day 7 of the 42 Days of Metallicar  countdown!

The Impala Chronicles (Forty-some Years In A Life), Chapter7
November 22, 1973: The Dark Side of the Moon

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Here's my contribution to  day 6 of the 42 Days of Metallicar countdown ...

The Impala Chronicles (Forty-some Years In A Life), Chapter 6
December 26, 1972: Paint It Black

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And here's my contribution for day 5 of 42 Days of Metallicar ...

The Impala Chronicles (Forty-some Years In A Life), Chapter 5
April 22-24, 1971: Blowin’ In The Wind

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Almost (but not quite!) too late for the day, here is my contribution to Day 4 of the 42 Days of Metallicar countdown -- a look into 1970.

The Impala Chronicles (Forty-some Years In A Life), Chapter 4
August 27, 1970: Culture Clash

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Here's my contribution to Day 3 of the 42 Days of Metallicar countdown. One event overshadowed every other one for me in 1969 ...

The Impala Chronicles (Forty-some Years In A Life), Chapter 3
July 20, 1969: Moon Magic

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Here is my contribution to the second day of this year's 42 day countdown to the Supernatural season five premiere; a look at 1968 through the Impala's radio.

The Impala Chronicles (Forty-some Years In A Life), Chapter 2
November 20, 1968 – Cursed

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[profile] alias_chick is once again hosting an Impala-themed countdown to the start of the new season of Supernatural. In honor of the Impala turning 42 this year, the countdown will progress over 42 days, starting today, with participants contributing Impala-themed art, stories, poetry, music, and what-have-you for as many days of the countdown as they choose. Drop on by and take part, or at least read, look, and enjoy!

The first year she did this, I did a daily haiku. The second year, I did a daily 100-word drabble. This year, it's not the form, but the substance; I'm going to try to do a story set in each year of the Impala's existence, following the Impala through history. Since we know from In The Beginning that John didn't acquire the Impala until April 30, 1973, the first several years won't include any Winchesters, but I hope they still might be interesting and enjoyable.

I may not succeed in doing a story a day and finishing in time for the season five premiere, but I do promise to complete the cycle of 42 stories traveling through 42 years.

And here's where it begins.
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Title:  Submarine Races
Rating:  PG
Characters/Pairing:  Dean
Words:  100
Disclaimer:  These characters belong to Eric Kripke, Wonderland Sound and Vision, and Warner Brothers Television. No infringement is intended.
Summary:  Dean's alone on a case on Valentine's Day. Pre-series.
Warnings:  None.
Written for the Valentines Kiss Contest over at [profile] spn_drabble 

Submarine Races

Every town had one. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, it was a scenic overlook on Lake Michigan where couples parked to “watch the submarine races.” Yeah: Midwestern humor. With some monster killing local teenagers, though, the submarines were racing unwatched this Valentine’s Day night, except by him. Alone.

Waiting, watching, he wondered idly whether his parents had ever parked somewhere like this. He wondered whether Sammy had found a girl, out there in Palo Alto, and a car. He wondered if his Dad was lonely.

He kissed his fingertips, and then reached out to touch the Impala’s dashboard.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart.”

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Title: Forty-One Days of Metallicar: 41 Collected Impala Drabbles
Author:  [ profile] bardicvoice
Rating: PG
Characters: All, no pairings
Word Count: 4,100
This story collection is now also available in Russian, thanks to [info]smth_evil, with original illustrations by HerbstRegen!  Go see!

For [ profile] alias_chick  ’s 41 Days of Metallicar countdown to the Season Four premiere, I wrote daily, precisely 100-word drabbles involving the Impala. Here’s the complete collection for this year. The stories randomly span the first three seasons of the show as well as pre-series time, and involve Dean, Sam, John, Mary, Bobby, Pastor Jim, Henricksen, Reidy, Ellen, and some OFCs and OMCs.

2016 Edit: When last I checked, the Russian translation, while still online, couldn't be read in either Safari or Chrome: the letters were all appearing as ? icons instead of Cyrillic alphabet. I've added each of the HerbstRegen illustrations to this post: they remain under his 2009 copyright, not mine. All illustrations in this post are by HerbstRegen, and should be credited with a 2009 copyright notice.

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Okay, folks -- here's my official last entry in the 41 Days of Metallicar celebration countdown! Tonight, we finally get our boys back with the premiere of season four of Supernatural! That's ample reason to celebrate, and believe me, I will.

But before the joy begins, this final 100-word drabble takes us back to the end of last season, to set the stage for this one.

Dean’s grave was concealed in an empty, weed-choked field in the middle of nowhere, marked only by a featureless white wooden cross identical to those that adorned ten thousand other anonymous roadside shrines to the victims of drunk drivers, ice storms, stupidity, or bad luck. The coordinates were recorded in Sam’s GPS, the only way that anyone could find it, even Sam.
He’d never gone back.
He knew better than anyone that Dean wasn’t there, and that no solace would be found at his grave.
Instead, Sam lived inside his memorial, hunting recklessly with her for his vengeance and salvation.


The image in this drabble intentionally echoes my short story, Last Rites.  I'm still processing last season, I think.

And so ends this year's 41 Days of Metallicar countdown. Welcome, Season Four!


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