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8.13 Everybody Hates Hitler: Knowledge Is Power, Isn't It

Claim inheritance,
Hunt down secret enemies;
Take charge of your life.

Commentary And Meta Analysis

This episode was pure delight from beginning to end: a signature Ben Edlund blending of humor and horror beautifully realized by the cast, director Phil Sgriccia, and every single creative production department. The headquarters bunker set of the Men of Letters was nothing short of amazing, and I can't wait to see more of it and learn about the resources it provides.

I don't have a lot of things to say about this episode in terms of meta, so this discussion is going to be very short by my standards. I'm going to look at the season's continuing theme of taking responsibility, speculate about secret societies, and enjoy the brothers' reactions to their inheritance.

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I know this is just the calm before the storm, but I can't help being cheered by the resources the Letters' bunker provides the Winchesters. Eckhart was right: knowledge is power, and with the Letters' library combined with Kevin's work on the demon tablet, the Winchesters have access to an unprecedented quantity and quality of organized knowledge: a veritable arsenal of power.

What they do with it and what it will cost them remains to be seen.

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I intended to post my blog on last week's episode of Supernatural right here, finally, but the LJ text editor appears to be well and truly fucked, at least with regard to dealing with text imported from OpenOffice.  I absolutely don't have the hours and hours it would take for me to hand-code the whole thing.  So until I can find out what's wrong and get it straightened out, please go read the review over on The Winchester Family Business. My apologies.  *Kicks LJ*

7.03 The Girl Next Door: Nothing In Our Lives Is Simple

And I was so happy to finally finish one this season ... I'm sorry.

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6.19 Mommy Dearest: I'm Building The Perfect Beast

Eve builds new hybrids;
Castiel faked Crowley's death –
All about the souls.


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6.14 Mannequin 3: The Reckoning: I Had To Deal With My Past Year, You Gotta Deal With Yours
Shy girl’s vengeful ghost
Targets men whose prank killed her.
Dean gets parent-trapped. 
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This entry is also available on The Winchester Family Business.

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6.11 Appointment In Samarra: I Screwed Up The Whole ‘Natural Order’ Thing
Dean makes a wager:
One day as Death for Sam’s soul.
He loses – but wins. 
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I have great hope for the rest of the season, come the new year. Until then, keep rewatching!

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6.09 Clap Your Hands If You Believe …: The Truth Is In There
New Age masquerade:
Fairies pose as aliens,
Stealing first-born sons. 
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And may you all have a truly happy Thanksgiving! I'll be spending mine with friends in my adopted local family; may you all be as blessed. One of the things I will definitely be giving thanks for is having Supernatural, and all my online friends around the world whom I've met because of this show; you all enrich my life, and I thank you for that. Be well, and be happy!

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6.07 Family Matters: You Pose An Interesting Philosophical Question
Demon Crowley plots
To annex Purgatory,
Home of monster souls. 
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Talk about a season being noir – this episode established that with a vengeance!
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6.01 Exile On Main Street: You Can’t Outrun Your Past
Monsters break patterns.
Finding Sam alive again
Breaks Dean’s “normal” world. 
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Please note:  the "But Nothing Really Ends, Does It?" section below contains possible spoilers, since it mentions the CW's general description of season six during my speculations on what might happen.

5.22 Swan Song: I Got Something To Say

Lucifer takes Sam;
Dean and the car bring him back.
Promises break hearts.  
Read the longest commentary in history... pour a drink first! )

Sorry this is so very late and very long, and thanks for reading! I’ll be doing episode commentaries again when season six premieres. I hope to do a little fanfic during the summer, and maybe a few other things potentially of interest, so feel free to hang around if you like. Otherwise, I’ll see you in the fall! 

Link back to Part One:  Episode Summary only

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5.10 Abandon All Hope …: Last Words?

Hunters die to learn

There are things the Colt can’t kill:

Satan raises Death.

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And -- that's a wrap for episode commentary in 2009! I hope to be back with fic before the show starts airing again, and I truly hope that the insanity in my life calms down a little so I can be more timely with these posts. Happy Holidays to all!!
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I finally broke LJ with this one: my post was too large for a single entry. Oops! The episode summary is in this part, and the meta commentary runs in Part Two. *sheepish grin*

5.10 Abandon All Hope …: Last Words?

Hunters die to learn

There are things the Colt can’t kill:

Satan raises Death.

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Apologies for the lengthy delay in getting this one up. My hopes for the new year include less schedule insanity in my real life, to better enable my fantasy one!

I'm finally making my own icons, sometimes. Many thanks to [ profile] raloria , who cued me into the delights of and who posts the most delightful screencaps to start from!

And ... on to the meta commentary and production notes ...

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5.06 I Believe The Children Are Our Future: Once You’re In This Fight, You’re In It To The End

Meet the antichrist,
Maker of reality:
Believe, and it’s true.

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Don't miss my behind-the-scenes photos! I posted links in my previous blog entry, here.

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4.21 When The Levee Breaks: How Can You Run From What’s Inside You?

Dean swears to serve God;
Sam confronts his inner selves,
Then walks out the door.

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4.20 The Rapture: Heaven, Hell, None Of That Matters

Family man of God,
Jimmy gave to Castiel
More than just a host.

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4.19 Jump The Shark: Take It Any Way You Want

John had one more son,
Hidden, normal, loved and safe;
Murdered for revenge.

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My apologies for how late this is: I was sick for part of the weekend, and it's kinda hard to type when you're curled up on the floor feeling rotten! All better now, though!

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4.15 Death Takes A Holiday: Stop Lying To Yourself

No real second chance;
Demons seek to break a Seal
By kidnapping death.

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4.13 After School Special: I’m Looking For The Brutal, Funny, Maybe Even Painful Truth

Ghost high school bully
Drives nerds to revenge on jocks;
Sam sees with new eyes.

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(I'm sorry this is so late ... work life is currently imitating a vaccuum cleaner and sucking mightily.)

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4.5 Monster Movie: Tackling A Straightforward, Black-And-White Case

Shapeshifter film buff
Recreates movie monsters:
Death in black and white.

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3.16  No Rest For the Wicked: We Are Not Gonna Make the Same Mistakes All Over Again


No more deals, no time.

Sam shrugs off Lilith’s best shot;

Dean’s soul screams in Hell.


Episode Summary





This ends the third season commentaries, but Supernatural University will be in session during the hiatus – beginning as soon as I recover enough to be able to write again!

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     3.14  Long Distance Call: You’re All So Connected, But You’ve Never Been So Alone


Desperate for hope,

Dean obeys his father’s voice:

Just crocotta lies.


Episode Summary




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