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Supernatural University: Calling All Angels

This is the first of two articles exploring angels in the Supernatural universe. In this one, I'll be looking at the role angels have played and how that developed through the history of the series, including how angels relate to monsters and humans, and how I think their role has both meshed with and changed the show's “bible” over time. In the next article, shifting from the general concept of angels to the specific, I'm going to explore in detail the unique role of Castiel and put forward my own theories on his nature and purpose. Welcome to a multidisciplinary Supernatural University session in myth, theology, philosophy, psychology, and the nature of television production!

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8.02 We Need To Talk About Kevin: Let's Do This

(Originally published on the Winchester Family Business)

Escaped fighter Dean
Disrupts Sam's new life of peace.
New quest: Word of God.

Commentary and Meta Analysis

I'm afraid this won't be up to my usual standards – I'm hideously hard-pressed right now juggling the career I'm leaving, the career I'm starting, family matters, and my fannish heart – but I had to return to blogging Supernatural. I hope you'll forgive the absence of the episode summaries and the scattershot and incomplete nature of the commentaries, at least until my life takes on its new proper proportions in January. I promise to try to do better then, although I think the summaries are toast. Alas.

In the meantime, this discussion explores my thoughts on Purgatory, Dean, and Sam.

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Suffice to say for the moment that I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, need to watch it again, and cannot wait to see where Carver and company are taking us! I especially want to know what happened to Castiel; Dean's whole story in Purgatory; exactly what happened to Sam after Dean and Castiel disappeared; and why the angels haven't intervened to secure the stray Words of God on Earth … Oh, and I hope we get to keep the rock music this season, because opening with Jethro Tull and Styx was wonderful!

Bring it, season eight!

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Supernatural University: Shameless Spoilery Speculation -- Season Eight, The Search for … Limbo?

I avoid spoilers, but accept teasers – by which I mean sanctioned interviews with writers, actors, producers, and directors. So I did follow the coverage from the San Diego ComicCon (although I haven't had time to see it all!), and of course, it sparked some thoughts in my overly fertile brain. What follows is just speculation, pure and simple, so don't take it as anything more. It's probably totally wrong, and trust me, I'm perfectly fine with that; I'll welcome seeing whichever way Season Eight goes, and I trust Jeremy Carver & Company to take me for a fine ride! But while I'm waiting to board the Supernatural Season Eight soul train, I'm going to indulge in a little wild-assery – come along if you dare!

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5.18 Point Of No Return: When Push Shoves, You’ll Make The Right Choice
Zach brings Adam back:
Bait to push Dean to say yes.
Dean can’t let Sam down. 
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5.15 Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid:  My Job Is To Bring Him Peace, Not Pain
Sioux Falls miracle?
Dead loved ones return to life:
Death comes for Bobby. 
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Sorry this is so late: I really enjoyed the LA con, but it didn’t provide writing time, and work in the real world kicked my ass! Stay tuned for the review on Dark Side Of The Moon; that one won’t be as late as this one was, I swear!

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5.08 Changing Channels: As It Is In Heaven, So It Must Be On Earth

Trickster’s TV hell
Is Gabriel’s arm-twisting:
Play your roles to live.

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Sorry this is so late. My overly busy real life is getting to be a very bad habit.
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5.03 Free to Be You and Me: People Can Change, There Is Reason For Hope

Dean helps Cas hunt God.

Sam, alone, learns his planned fate:

Lucifer’s vessel.


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My earnest apologies for how horribly late this review/commentary is; I plead the pressures of real life and work. If you're curious to see something of what I do in real life, well -- this is my work website, brand-new as of this past Tuesday night.

And now that's up, hopefully work won't get quite that much in the way of Supernatural again!

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4.20 The Rapture: Heaven, Hell, None Of That Matters

Family man of God,
Jimmy gave to Castiel
More than just a host.

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4.15 Death Takes A Holiday: Stop Lying To Yourself

No real second chance;
Demons seek to break a Seal
By kidnapping death.

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4.11 Family Remains: I Can’t Fill This Hole, Not Ever

Human wickedness
Makes monsters of two children
As Hell did to Dean.

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My apologies for how late this is:  I'm getting back in the swing, and at the same time, I was celebrating the inauguration.  About which ... wheeee!

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4.3 In The Beginning: You Have To Stop It

A trip to the past
Reveals family secrets:
Destinies can’t change.

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     3.14  Long Distance Call: You’re All So Connected, But You’ve Never Been So Alone


Desperate for hope,

Dean obeys his father’s voice:

Just crocotta lies.


Episode Summary




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