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9.01 I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here: There Ain't No Me If There Ain't No You

Sam's inner debate:
Fight for life, or die in peace?
Dean loads angel dice.

Commentary and Meta Analysis

Put me on the list of fans who loved this episode. I know it created controversy among fans – hell, what episode doesn't these days, given the different lenses fans always watch through? – but it worked brilliantly for me. In this discussion, I'm going to look at angels in the human outfield; what was going on in Sam's mind as he lay in that coma; Dean's decisions; Castiel dealing with humanity from the inside; and the enigmatic Ezekiel.

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In his internal debate about living or dying, Sam unconsciously stacked the deck against his own survival by emphasizing all the things that make human life hard: struggle, conflict, anger, pain, loss. All too often, I think we, like Sam, lose sight of the very things that make even the hardest life worthwhile: love, concern for each other, generosity, acceptance, forgiveness. Sometimes, we need to take a leap of faith and place our trust in someone else to find our way back to ourselves. Every time we do that, we take a risk – but don't you think life and love are worth a risk?

Want to read my commentaries and meta earlier? They always post on The Winchester Family Business a few days before they appear here. Check!

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8.19 Taxi Driver: No Reason To Think I Won't See You Again Somewhere Down The Road

Reaper shows the way.
Sam frees Bobby's Hell-trapped soul;
Benny says goodbye.

Commentary and Meta Analysis

I was thoroughly caught up in the emotion and rollercoaster nature of this episode while it was playing – tribute to all the actors and highest marks to the VFX crew – but once it ended, all the logic and plot holes weakening the script became glaringly obvious. I'm still going to treasure this episode despite the script issues, though, precisely because the characters' emotions were so profound and true.

In this discussion, I'm going to explore Reapers; speculate about Kevin, Crowley, and Naomi; celebrate Benny; and theorize about Sam and the trials.

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Supernatural University
: Spectral Speculations

I thought Death's Door was a magnificent piece of work, and ranks right up there with Abandon All Hope as one of the best mid-season finales of the series. And while I grieve profoundly for Bobby's death, the story around it was solid and very fitting, and did him proud. Special kudos to Jim Beaver for an award-worthy, totally honest performance, and to the entire company for supporting him in it.

Although I do believe Bobby is well and truly dead, this is Supernatural, after all, and I strongly suspect we haven't seen the last of him. Sam and Dean have died more than once, but are still walking, and even Bobby came back from the dead before, raised by Castiel after Lucifer killed him in Swan Song. Castiel himself was brought back, evidently by God, at least twice after having been destroyed by more powerful archangels, as described or seen in Sympathy For the Devil and Swan Song – and where there's room for one wayward angel, I'm certain there's room for one almost-father and heavenly hero. I think there are some excellent story opportunities that could involve Bobby's eventual return, and I thought I'd explore one here. Welcome to a speculative fiction, cosmology, and mythology class at my little Supernatural University, in which I look to the show's established ghost and spirit lore to ask questions about where the writers could possibly take Bobby's story in the future, based on elements from the past!

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Happy Hanukkah, Good Solstice, Merry Christmas, Joyous Kwanzaa, and Blessed Whatever-You-Celebrate to all the world, with special love and best wishes to the fans, crew, writers, and cast of Supernatural. May all your wishes come true – but only in ways that benefit you, no legal demonic or fairy fine print attached.

Peace and joy to all, and to all, a good night!

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I intended to post my blog on last week's episode of Supernatural right here, finally, but the LJ text editor appears to be well and truly fucked, at least with regard to dealing with text imported from OpenOffice.  I absolutely don't have the hours and hours it would take for me to hand-code the whole thing.  So until I can find out what's wrong and get it straightened out, please go read the review over on The Winchester Family Business. My apologies.  *Kicks LJ*

7.03 The Girl Next Door: Nothing In Our Lives Is Simple

And I was so happy to finally finish one this season ... I'm sorry.

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6.22 The Man Who Knew Too Much: I'm Not Leaving My Brother Alone Out There

Memory endgame:
Castiel drops Sam's mind-wall,
Takes a power trip.

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The icon on this is mine, from a screencap by Alice Jester of The Winchester Family Business.

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6.21 Let It Bleed: I Wish This Changed Anything

Lovecraft opened doors.
Crowley takes Ben and Lisa;
Dean’s Achilles heel.

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Next up: my review of the season finale, in another few days. But I'll say this straight up: I think the finale was only part three of a four-part chapter in the current story. We don't know how that chapter really ends yet, and I won't judge it as complete until I've seen 7.01.

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6.20 The Man Who Would Be King: Freedom Is A Length Of Rope

Sam, Dean, saving Earth:
Castiel's good intentions
Pave his road to Hell.


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6.19 Mommy Dearest: I'm Building The Perfect Beast

Eve builds new hybrids;
Castiel faked Crowley's death –
All about the souls.


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6.18 Frontierland: Maybe You Got To Go Find Him And Make History

To burn the Mother,
Brothers travel to Colt's time
For phoenix ashes.

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6.17 My Heart Will Go On: This Is About The Souls

Titanic effect:
Changing the past mints new souls
But fate still prevails.

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This is so late going up, I'm not certain it matters to anyone. Sorry about that.  :(



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6.16 … And Then There Were None: She Has A Message For You

Eve makes new monsters,
Planning to cage human food;
Hunters' families die.

Commentary and Meta Analysis


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Go to Part One: Episode Summary


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2011 Supernatural Paley Festival Panel

The DVD of the 2006 Supernatural PaleyFest panel is one of my most cherished possessions, so being able to attend the 2011 panel was a dream come true. And it was every bit as great in reality as it was in the dream.

I've written up the whole experience. This has spoilers, because I'm going to share every little detail I can remember from the advance clip they showed from the Western episode, so prepare to shield your eyes!

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Sorry this took so long for me to post here: it's also up in three separate parts on The Winchester Family Business. There's a lot of other good stuff there, too; you should drop by and explore! There are good writers there … :)



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6.12 Like A Virgin: It Was A New Day Yesterday, But It’s An Old Day Now
Sam wakes as Dean’s bro
With no soulless memories.
Teamed, they hunt dragons. 
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Sorry this is so late, again: it's that pesky real-life thing that pays the bills ...

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6.06 You Can’t Handle The Truth: Maybe It’s Just … Sam
Under compulsion,
Humans tell the truth and die:
Only Sam can lie. 
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Sorry this is so terribly late!!!

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6.04 Weekend At Bobby’s: Story Of My Life


With help from his friends,

Bobby threatens Crowley’s bones

To regain his soul.



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Sorry this is so late; real life and Microsoft problems, I'm afraid. Think I'll be hunting a Mac soon ...

Since I broke LJ on length again, you can find my episode summary over here.


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6.01 Exile On Main Street: You Can’t Outrun Your Past
Monsters break patterns.
Finding Sam alive again
Breaks Dean’s “normal” world. 
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5.21 Two Minutes To Midnight: Good Luck Stopping The Whole Zombie Apocalypse. Yeah – Good Luck Killing Death.
Pestilence fails.
Cas turns human, Bobby walks –
Death changes the game. 
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The icon on this is by [ profile] dzajnisko .  If you'd like to see the window reflection image I was talking about, you can find a lovely screencap of it here by [ profile] raloria . Thank you both!!

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5.20 The Devil You Know: You Want The Horseman Rings, Or Not?
Crowley offers help
Finding Horsemen and their rings;
What will be the price? 
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Sorry this is so late:  I didn't finish before I had to leave on vacation, so I've been stealing moments in the morning and evening. I have my fingers crossed my hotel will get the CW, or I'm going to go nuts tonight ...

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5.18 Point Of No Return: When Push Shoves, You’ll Make The Right Choice
Zach brings Adam back:
Bait to push Dean to say yes.
Dean can’t let Sam down. 
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5.15 Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid:  My Job Is To Bring Him Peace, Not Pain
Sioux Falls miracle?
Dead loved ones return to life:
Death comes for Bobby. 
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Sorry this is so late: I really enjoyed the LA con, but it didn’t provide writing time, and work in the real world kicked my ass! Stay tuned for the review on Dark Side Of The Moon; that one won’t be as late as this one was, I swear!


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