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Supernatural University Master Post

This post links to all my individual Supernatural University essay posts, in the order in which they were written. Additional Supernatural University discussions take place in most, if not all, of my episode commentaries, but those tend to focus on specific episodes; the standalones tend to cover bigger topics and haven’t been easy to find. But here they all are. Hope you enjoy them!

I’ve grouped these into the seasons in which they were written. Bear in mind when they were written as you read them; each essay only references episodes that were in existence when they were written. I used to have a lot more time available for meta; as the seasons progressed, more and more of the meta became integrated into the episode commentaries.

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Supernatural University: Tragedies, Bloodlines, Legacies – The Evolution of the Family Business

“Saving people, hunting things: the family business.”

That's been the tagline of Supernatural from the very beginning, memorably given voice by Dean way back in the second episode, Wendigo, and repeated multiple times every season since. But it's never been a static concept; every part of that phrase has undergone evolution as the seasons progressed. In this discussion, I look at how the show has changed our understanding of family and the family business from its original presentation of hunting, hunters, the Winchesters, and saving people to where we stand at the beginning of season nine. Welcome to a multidiscliplinary Supernatural University analytical session!

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Anticipation, It's Making Me Wait …

Season nine promises to continue exploring the Winchesters' MOL legacy and – through the consequences of Sam's trials, Dean's decisions, the angels falling, and Castiel being rendered human – the tensions in both the Winchesters' immediate and extended family. I suspect we'll see even more evolution in the family business concerning what it means to save people and hunt things.

But no matter what comes, I know family will always remain at the heart of the show. After all, this all started with another family business that diversified from its origins – Kripke Enterprises, a metal scrap dealer in Toledo, Ohio!

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Supernatural University: Shameless Spoilery Speculation -- Season Eight, The Search for … Limbo?

I avoid spoilers, but accept teasers – by which I mean sanctioned interviews with writers, actors, producers, and directors. So I did follow the coverage from the San Diego ComicCon (although I haven't had time to see it all!), and of course, it sparked some thoughts in my overly fertile brain. What follows is just speculation, pure and simple, so don't take it as anything more. It's probably totally wrong, and trust me, I'm perfectly fine with that; I'll welcome seeing whichever way Season Eight goes, and I trust Jeremy Carver & Company to take me for a fine ride! But while I'm waiting to board the Supernatural Season Eight soul train, I'm going to indulge in a little wild-assery – come along if you dare!

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After a long, long time, I have once again committed fanfic. I began this just before Thanksgiving; I really felt the need to finish it, especially after the last few episodes. Me, I'm going to think this happened sometime after 7.06 and before 7.09 ...

Title: Thanksgiving
Author: Bardicvoice
Characters: Dean, Sam, Bobby, Lisa, Samuel, Campbell cousins, Jody Mills
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Word Count: 6122
Summary: “And that's what this is all about: sharing Thanksgiving, being family, remembering why we hunt. Holidays put the family in the family business.”

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6.19 Mommy Dearest: I'm Building The Perfect Beast

Eve builds new hybrids;
Castiel faked Crowley's death –
All about the souls.


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University:  Speculations on the Origins of Monsters And Other Insanity


The origins and destinies of monsters are a major theme underlying the season six mythology and storyline of Supernatural. I thought I’d play a little with some of the pieces we’ve been given as a means to while away part of  the current hellatus. Feel free to chime in: this is all pure speculation, with no spoilers for anything that hasn’t already aired in the U.S. Please keep this discussion spoiler-free for the benefit of fans who wish to avoid spoilers!


In this little midseason class in Supernatural University, I’m going to explore five potential origins of monster species; look at possibilities suggested by the nature of Purgatory; and ask the question why Samuel Campbell, of all people, was brought back to Earth.


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Please feel free to throw in your comments on my insane speculations. In doing so, however, please do NOT include any spoiler information in comments:  this is a spoiler-free zone!


Thanks. Class dismissed. The professor’s office hours are irregular, but the door’s always open; drop by any time!



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6.11 Appointment In Samarra: I Screwed Up The Whole ‘Natural Order’ Thing
Dean makes a wager:
One day as Death for Sam’s soul.
He loses – but wins. 
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I have great hope for the rest of the season, come the new year. Until then, keep rewatching!

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5.13 The Song Remains The Same: We Have To Try
The past is prologue:
Anna hunts John and Mary,
Fought by Team Free Will. 

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I've been dealing with the East Coast Snowmageddon. Hope everyone's staying warm and safe!

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Happy New Year, folks!

Sorry I've been away so long; I promise to try not to make a habit of that. I finally managed to blow the dust off my writing, something I really wasn't able to do during the prolonged remodeling work on my house. (It's hard to write when you can't sit in your own house, spread out your research materials, and dive in ...) Now that the remodeling is done, I get to work at home at last! Here is my much-delayed ninth entry in the sequence of stories I began this past summer, intending to write one story for each year of the Impala's existence, linking the Impala and her owners with real-world history. I still intend to keep the story going; it's just going to take a lot longer ... *wry grin*


Title: April 30, 1975: Shelter From The Storm (Chapter 9/4? of The Impala Chronicles (Forty-some Years in a Life)
Characters/Pairings:  John/Mary
Words:  ~1400
Rating:  G
Spoilers: None beyond aired episodes. References events from 4.3, In The Beginning.

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I knew I'd miss days during this year's 42 Days of Metallicar countdown. This is day 8 for me, but it will go in day 10 of the ongoing countdown, since I'm running late. Sorry about that! I do still promise to write all 42 stories, one for each year, but they'll take longer this time around.

The Impala Chronicles (Forty-some Years In A Life), Chapter 8
August 9, 1974: Along The Way

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Here's my entry for day 7 of the 42 Days of Metallicar  countdown!

The Impala Chronicles (Forty-some Years In A Life), Chapter7
November 22, 1973: The Dark Side of the Moon

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