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6.17 My Heart Will Go On: This Is About The Souls

Titanic effect:
Changing the past mints new souls
But fate still prevails.

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This is so late going up, I'm not certain it matters to anyone. Sorry about that.  :(



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6.12 Like A Virgin: It Was A New Day Yesterday, But It’s An Old Day Now
Sam wakes as Dean’s bro
With no soulless memories.
Teamed, they hunt dragons. 
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Sorry this is so late, again: it's that pesky real-life thing that pays the bills ...

The lovely animated icon on this is by [ profile] hellybongo . Thank you!

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6.08 All Dogs Go To Heaven: You Wanted The Real Me. This Is It.
Fear your family dog:
Sleeper skinwalker army
Pretend to be pets. 
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The beautiful icon on this is by [ profile] ilaria84  – thank you!
My apologies for this being so late: I’ve got to stop having a real life!

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6.01 Exile On Main Street: You Can’t Outrun Your Past
Monsters break patterns.
Finding Sam alive again
Breaks Dean’s “normal” world. 
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5.21 Two Minutes To Midnight: Good Luck Stopping The Whole Zombie Apocalypse. Yeah – Good Luck Killing Death.
Pestilence fails.
Cas turns human, Bobby walks –
Death changes the game. 
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The icon on this is by [ profile] dzajnisko .  If you'd like to see the window reflection image I was talking about, you can find a lovely screencap of it here by [ profile] raloria . Thank you both!!

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5.18 Point Of No Return: When Push Shoves, You’ll Make The Right Choice
Zach brings Adam back:
Bait to push Dean to say yes.
Dean can’t let Sam down. 
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5.10 Abandon All Hope …: Last Words?

Hunters die to learn

There are things the Colt can’t kill:

Satan raises Death.

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And -- that's a wrap for episode commentary in 2009! I hope to be back with fic before the show starts airing again, and I truly hope that the insanity in my life calms down a little so I can be more timely with these posts. Happy Holidays to all!!
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I finally broke LJ with this one: my post was too large for a single entry. Oops! The episode summary is in this part, and the meta commentary runs in Part Two. *sheepish grin*

5.10 Abandon All Hope …: Last Words?

Hunters die to learn

There are things the Colt can’t kill:

Satan raises Death.

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Apologies for the lengthy delay in getting this one up. My hopes for the new year include less schedule insanity in my real life, to better enable my fantasy one!

I'm finally making my own icons, sometimes. Many thanks to [ profile] raloria , who cued me into the delights of and who posts the most delightful screencaps to start from!

And ... on to the meta commentary and production notes ...

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5.02 Good God, Y’All: I Don’t Trust Me, Either

Castiel seeks God.
War’s sly, murderous deceits
Make Sam see the truth.

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4.19 Jump The Shark: Take It Any Way You Want

John had one more son,
Hidden, normal, loved and safe;
Murdered for revenge.

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My apologies for how late this is: I was sick for part of the weekend, and it's kinda hard to type when you're curled up on the floor feeling rotten! All better now, though!

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4.17 It’s A Terrible Life: You Get To Change Things

Corporate haunting
Makes hunters of Sam and Dean
Even in strange lives.

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4.11 Family Remains: I Can’t Fill This Hole, Not Ever

Human wickedness
Makes monsters of two children
As Hell did to Dean.

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My apologies for how late this is:  I'm getting back in the swing, and at the same time, I was celebrating the inauguration.  About which ... wheeee!

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4.6 Yellow Fever: That’s Fear; It Spreads and Spreads

Ghost sickness breeds fear.
Dean, infected, faces death.
Fear can kill ghosts, too.

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3.13  Ghostfacers!:  Don’t Be ’Facer-Haters ...


Foolish amateurs

Videotape leap year ghosts;

Reality sucks.


Episode Summary



I apologize to all for the extreme lateness of this blog. I had a great week taking care of my Mom, but didn’t even get to see Ghostfacers! until the weekend, and got drafted unexpectedly into a public meeting project the moment I walked back into work. I promise to get my commentary on Long Distance Call out on schedule this weekend, though!

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3.12 Jus in Bello: If That’s How You Win Wars, Then I Don’t Wanna Win


What price victory?

When demons target the boys,

Allies pay the price. 


Episode Summary




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 3.02 The Kids Are Alright: Here Comes Trouble!

Changeling kids drink moms.

Dean rues not being a dad.

Ruby’s a demon!


Episode Summary


Is it Thursday again yet?

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Botched shapeshifter hunt

Adds Sam to FBI list:

Bonnie to Dean’s Clyde.


When Dean repeats a line twice in an episode, you know it has real meaning. His tag line for Nightshifter was the heartfelt, “We are so screwed,” and he is so right. Trapped in a bank with innocent hostages and a shapeshifter by a conspiracy theorist who stumbled on the real deal while hunting a fantasy, the boys escaped by swapping places with two of the liberating S.W.A.T. team. Although they won free, however, two of the three dead bodies they left behind in the bank will be laid to their account: a black man the shifter had killed and imitated, and the shifter itself, in a pretty female shape. (And then there’s the shed skin and clothing of the bank manager; one wonders what the CSI team will make of that mess.) During the siege, Dean was seen and recognized, and the FBI agent who arrived on-scene displayed an unsettling knowledge of Dean, Sam, and John Winchester, and classed Dean as both a monster and crazy. And this time, unlike the situations in St. Louis in Skin and Baltimore in The Usual Suspects, Sam was dumped in it as thoroughly as Dean. The use of “Renegade” by Styx over the closing scene of the boys driving away was the perfect foreboding touch, because this chapter of the brothers’ story isn’t over yet, and the threat of the long arm of the law is looming larger than ever over both their heads.



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