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8.11 LARP And The Real Girl: Escaping Isn't What It Used To Be

Frustrated LARPer
Binds fairy to kill rivals:
Brave hearts win the day.

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I found the way this episode ended, with the brothers taking a few hours simply to play together, happily healing. They have a long way yet to go to rebuild the full strength of their brother bond, but they've both taken purposeful steps toward that end. And I think they will take those lessons with them when they leave Moondoor's escapism behind to go bravely into the next world – their real one.

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8.10 Torn And Frayed: I Can't Enjoy A World I Need To Save

Who controls angels?
Crowley and Naomi both
Tamper with base code.

Commentary And Meta Analysis

Torn and frayed pretty well described all of our heroes by the end of this episode. But despite being torn and frayed, a blanket can still keep you warm, and the way this episode ended, with the Winchesters deliberately reunited by their own conscious choice, it offered us a warmth and hope we've long been missing. I loved this episode and look forward to where the story will take us from here.

In this commentary, I'm going to look at angel source code, tablets, and what's happening in Heaven; Sam and Dean's choices and relationships; and Benny's struggle with addiction.

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I know I've been missing in action from commentary during much of this season so far, but I have to say I've been enjoying what showrunner Jeremy Carver has brought to the table. I'm in for the long run, and I can't wait to see where we go from here, with Sam and Dean back together again. And while their coats are torn and frayed and have seen much better days, as long as this show plays, they'll steal my heart away.

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8.02 We Need To Talk About Kevin: Let's Do This

(Originally published on the Winchester Family Business)

Escaped fighter Dean
Disrupts Sam's new life of peace.
New quest: Word of God.

Commentary and Meta Analysis

I'm afraid this won't be up to my usual standards – I'm hideously hard-pressed right now juggling the career I'm leaving, the career I'm starting, family matters, and my fannish heart – but I had to return to blogging Supernatural. I hope you'll forgive the absence of the episode summaries and the scattershot and incomplete nature of the commentaries, at least until my life takes on its new proper proportions in January. I promise to try to do better then, although I think the summaries are toast. Alas.

In the meantime, this discussion explores my thoughts on Purgatory, Dean, and Sam.

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Suffice to say for the moment that I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, need to watch it again, and cannot wait to see where Carver and company are taking us! I especially want to know what happened to Castiel; Dean's whole story in Purgatory; exactly what happened to Sam after Dean and Castiel disappeared; and why the angels haven't intervened to secure the stray Words of God on Earth … Oh, and I hope we get to keep the rock music this season, because opening with Jethro Tull and Styx was wonderful!

Bring it, season eight!

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6.22 The Man Who Knew Too Much: I'm Not Leaving My Brother Alone Out There

Memory endgame:
Castiel drops Sam's mind-wall,
Takes a power trip.

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The icon on this is mine, from a screencap by Alice Jester of The Winchester Family Business.

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6.15 The French Mistake: We Matter To That World
Heaven’s civil war
Puts bros in bizarro world
Acting out their lives. 
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The icon on this post is by [ profile] mementis. Thank you!

This entry is also available on The Winchester Family Business.

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6.11 Appointment In Samarra: I Screwed Up The Whole ‘Natural Order’ Thing
Dean makes a wager:
One day as Death for Sam’s soul.
He loses – but wins. 
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I have great hope for the rest of the season, come the new year. Until then, keep rewatching!

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6.10 Caged Heat: I’m Ambivalent About What We’re Attempting
Brothers team with Meg,
Hunting Crowley’s Alpha jail
To demand Sam’s soul. 
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Apologies for this being so late. The animated icon is by [ profile] hellybongo  -- thank you!

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6.03 The Third Man: Whoever Has The Weapons Wins The War
Heaven’s civil war
Sets lost weapons loose on Earth;
Angels deal in souls. 
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The most amusing icon on this post is by [ profile] tiptoe_icons . Thank you!

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5.20 The Devil You Know: You Want The Horseman Rings, Or Not?
Crowley offers help
Finding Horsemen and their rings;
What will be the price? 
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Sorry this is so late:  I didn't finish before I had to leave on vacation, so I've been stealing moments in the morning and evening. I have my fingers crossed my hotel will get the CW, or I'm going to go nuts tonight ...

The icon in this is mine, from a cap by [ profile] ckll . Thanks!

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5.12  Swap Meat: All You Gotta Do Is Say Yes


Nerdy teen witches

With a body-swap weapon

Use Sam to hunt Dean.


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The icon on this one is mine, from a cap by [ profile] raloria . Thanks, sweet!

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5.07 The Curious Case of Dean Winchester: They’re My Years, I Can Do What I Want

Best years of your life:
Stake them on a game of cards;
Live young or die old.


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I'm sorry this is so late; my home remodeling went seriously weird. I think I have evenything back on track, but it really made me ill-suited to write. I'll do better from now on.


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5.01 Sympathy For The Devil: What I Need Is You

Lucifer walks Earth;

Angels seek the Michael sword.

Trust is hard to find.


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4.21 When The Levee Breaks: How Can You Run From What’s Inside You?

Dean swears to serve God;
Sam confronts his inner selves,
Then walks out the door.

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4.12 Criss Angel Is A Douchebag: I Don’t Want To Be Doing This When I’m An Old Man

Aging magicians
Meet true and deadly magic:
End bloody, or sad.

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4.8 Wishful Thinking: Careful What You Wish For

Cursed coin warps wishes,
Sowing chaos through a town.
Dean remembers Hell.

Episode Summary

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4.5 Monster Movie: Tackling A Straightforward, Black-And-White Case

Shapeshifter film buff
Recreates movie monsters:
Death in black and white.

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     3.14  Long Distance Call: You’re All So Connected, But You’ve Never Been So Alone


Desperate for hope,

Dean obeys his father’s voice:

Just crocotta lies.


Episode Summary


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2008 LA Salute to Supernatural, Part One (Spoiler Warning!)

My apologies to everyone who has been waiting for me to finally get on the stick and write up my view of the LA Supernatural Creation convention. Sorry to be late to the party! I plead an incredibly busy real life and the prior commitment to get an essay submitted in the Ben Bella Books Smart Pop contest. But I’m here now, and I’m not going to leave out any of the details I remember, even though I’m sure you’ve all been inundated with everyone’s accounts, photos, and video clips. I’ve interspersed a few photos in the account, and you’re welcome to visit the broader album. Panns already posted the best of my photos here, along with Schroan’s and Met’s.

Given the length of this, I’m splitting it into two pieces, one covering Friday and Saturday, and the second dealing with Sunday. Here comes Part One! Note there are spoilers in the Kripke section, although I don't think that most people would mind them too much ...

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3.09 Malleus Maleficarum:  That’s What Hell Is


Bombshell from fight with

Desperate housewitch “book club:”

Demons were human.


Episode Summary


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3.04 Sin City: All You’ve Gotta Do Is Nudge Humans in the Right Direction


Demonic lovers

Play on human temptations.

Sam kills with the Colt.


Episode Summary



I’m still catching up on blog entries. The commentary for Bedtime Stories will come tomorrow, I hope! Apologies for being so late, and I hope you will bear with me …


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