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Okay, folks:  I'm putting my word processor where my mouth is. I am officially pimping myself out as a Sweet Charity Ho in support of the Writers Guild Foundation Industry Support Fund.

For those of you not familiar with the concept, Sweet Charity is a fandom effort to support various charities in which people willing to sell their skills (affectionately known as "Ho's," for obvious reasons!) put themselves on the auction block. Buyers who want to take advantage of those skills bid on them, and the winning bidder gets what s/he wants from the Ho. The proceeds of the auction go not to the Ho, but to the charity designated as the beneficiary. This time around, that is the Writers Guild Foundation Industry Support Fund, which provides assistance to people in financial distress because of the writers' strike. That being a cause near and dear to my heart, I couldn't fail to pick my pencil up while certain other pencils have to remain down.

I've put myself on the block to do a 900+ word Supernatural  story. Winning bidder provides the prompt, I write to the length required to make the story happen. Angst, humor, hurt/comfort, mystery, terror, love, wee!chesters -- winning bidder calls the mood and the tune. I'm a canon writer and I can't write what I don't believe in, so I don't do character slash, but apart from that -- I'm a Ho!

Wanna be a Ho yourself? Wanna bid on me when the auction starts? Visit the Sweet Charity website and learn all about it. If you're here on LJ and want to be alerted when the auction starts (which will be 18 through 26 January 2008), you might want to watch the LJ community [profile] sweetcharityhoThis isn't limited to Supernatural fandom, by the way: you can find Ho's doing other fandom fic, videos, graphics, and whatnot, or become a Ho yourself offering multiple fandoms, if you wish. I'm sticking with Supernatural even though I've written a little in others over the years simply because I write where my mind and heart are, and we all know where that is these days.

And if you're really interested and determined, start thinking about what you'd like to have me write ...
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Coming to Terms:  The Strike Resolution Reality Game Show!!


Given the way that the talks to settle the writers’ strike cratered spectacularly again on Friday, it’s clear that secret negotiations aren’t getting the job done. All that’s come out of them has been a major case of “he said/she said” finger-pointing and blame and an assortment of epithets and insults reminiscent of an unmonitored playground full of rowdy five-year-olds. So here’s an idea: let’s turn the strike talks into the latest “reality” TV game show, with a twist – the object of the competition isn’t beating the other guy, but coming successfully to an agreement in which both sides, and all of us, win.

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Okay: today I finished my set of letters to AMPTP members (and one affiliate) politely requesting that they return to the negotiating table and reach a reasonable accommodation with the writers. The letters are on their way to Warner Brothers, CBS, the CW, Walt Disney (for ABC and ABC Family), NBC, and Fox. Each of the letters is mostly identical to the others, but each has been tweaked to be specific to the targeted network or studio, mentioning only the shows that would be relevant to the target.  If anyone would like to adapt variations on these to their own use, reflecting their own show interests, be my guest. Note that form letters tend to get ignored; more personalized ones have more of an impact. These are a bit long for the purpose, but I held each of them to a single side of my stationery.

I owe a debt to bringtvback for assembling a convenient list of network and studio addresses, together with a handy list of which CEOs are connected with which shows.

Herewith, the letters:

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There’s not much that I, as just one viewer, can do to affect the writers’ strike or the networks’ decisions, but I intend to do everything that I can to fight for what I love. In case you would like to do the same, I thought I would share with you my strategy for attempting to help my favorite shows survive the strike.


Let me say up front: I support the writers’ strike. If you want to understand why, visit and learn a lot. If you don’t have the time for that, sample this one account by Ron Moore of Battlestar Galactica that explains with a very concrete example why the writers are fighting:


 And watch Supernatural tonight at 9:00 on the CW! I will …


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